Chef Saransh Goila Announces Launch Of PAN India COVID Meal Platform To Assist Quarantined Patients

Chef Saransh Goila List Meal Providers COVID Patients
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Recently, star chef Saransh Goila took to his Instagram handle and urged home chefs, cooks and restaurants from all across India who are delivering meals for COVID patients to share their details with him in comments or personal messages. Curating all the details, he has created a comprehensive list, that will benefit not only the COVID patients and their families but also the doctors and healthcare workers who need meals on daily basis.He has also launched a platform named ‘COVID Meals For India’ to help covid patients connect with home chefs for home meals.

Saransh Goila Launches Platform For COVID Meals

Saransh Goila has launched the COVID Meal platform, ‘COVID Meals For India’ to assist COVID patients in connecting with home chefs. Meal providers from all over India can also register on the platform. Here’s how the platform works:


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Saransh’s List Has Details From Around 12 States And 25 Cities

India is going through one of the gloomiest phases of COVID-19 right now. The alarming spike in cases has forced several states to impose temporary lockdowns with strict restrictions. While there have been constant shortages of beds, oxygen supply and medications, doctors and other frontliners are working day and night to flatten the curve of the virus. Amid the trying times, a lot of people are coming together to help out the ones in need and social media is playing a vital role here. With the help of social media, Goila is trying to assist COVID patients from all over India with the contact details of meal providers.

His team has created a spreadsheet with the details, which is being updated every 30 to 60 minutes. The list has details from around 12 states and 25 cities. These Establishments In Delhi NCR Are Offering Home Meal Services To Infected Patients In Quarantine

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Thanking Everyone Who Offered Help, Goila Says, “Indians Still Care”…

Taking to Twitter on April 19, Goila stated, “I’ve about 300 DMs pending and I haven’t moved an inch since 9am from my table – what that has taught me is that Indians still care. They care about their neighbours, they care about humans who are suffering in their community and most importantly they’re willing to help.” He added, “I possibly can’t thank people enough who’re offering to help and have come forward today. People who have shared large lists or have taken the time from their day to share their experiences or curated lists of food providers they trust and believe in.” Goila also wrote, “Alas, there is hope because there will be food on someone’s table :). Remember food is a necessity and not a luxury, atleast for now.” The chef has also shared dietary advises for COVID patients and told them to have lots of vegetables.


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