You Can Provide Meals To COVID Patients Even If You Can’t Cook; Here’s How

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 457

As the second wave of Covid makes India gasp for breath, good samaritans across the country are joining hands to help those in need. Home cooks are cooking and delivering healthy food free of cost to Covid positive patients. NGOs are delivering meals and ration kits to the vulnerable sections of society. If you can’t cook, yet you wish to help provide meals to Covid patients, then you most certainly can. How? Well, you can go the Rajiv Singal way. This Mumbai businessman tied up with the tiffin provider, Asha’s Kitchen to sponsor homecooked meals to Covid patients. He has been providing meals to around 150-200 families every day since mid-April. Here’s everything you need to know.

Rajiv Singal Tied Up With Asha’s Kitchen To Provide Meals To Covid Patients In Mumbai

In September 2020, Rajiv Singal’s entire family fell prey to the coronavirus. At that time, the quarantined family were initially admitted to the hospital. After they were discharged from the hospital and home quarantined, they were in dire need of healthy home-cooked meals. He stated to ANI that initially, his neighbour helped him with meals, but it was neither tasty nor hygienic. That was when he opted for a tiffin service. The 2-year-old home-cooked food delivery service, Asha’s Kitchen, provided delicious healthy meals. His personal trials and tribulations during the coronavirus pandemic inspired Rajiv Singal to sponsor meals for families undergoing home quarantine amid the second wave in April 2021.

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Picture Credits: India Today

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Vegetarian Meals Packed In Microwavable Disposable Containers

He got in touch with Asha’s Kitchen and tied up with the tiffin service to provide home-cooked meals at the doorsteps of Covid patients. Singhal informed ANI, “We circulated the message through social media. Patients who were home quarantined responded with their details. The people registered with us will be provided two meals daily for 14 days. If they want to extend the service, they can give us prior notice.” The tiffin consists of a simple vegetarian fare of rice, roti, dal, two sabzis, papad and salad, prepared without onion or garlic. The meal costs 220 plus delivery charges, packed in disposables that can be heated in a microwave. You can get the meals delivered anywhere from Mahim to Bhayander in Mumbai. To order a meal, just call 9920160669.

Join Hands With Tiffin Services Or Donate To NGOs That Feed Covid Patients

Apart from joining hands with a tiffin service like Rajiv Singhal, you can also donate to NGOs serving home-cooked meals to Covid patients and the needy. Making the Difference(MTD), an NGO delivers nutritious tiffins to home quarantined Covid patients across Mira Bhayander in Mumbai.  Similarly, Social Evangelical Association for Love ( SEAL) distributes free food packets to Avid patients and their families outside MGM Hospital in Kamothe and nearby areas. Khaana Chahiye Foundation meets the food demands of migrant workers, daily wage labourers and the homeless amid the pandemic. Despite not knowing how to cook, you can always make a donation to NGOs that provide home-cooked meals to Covid patients.

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