5 NGOs In Mumbai That Provide Free Food To COVID Patients & Those In Need

mumbai ngos that give free food to covid patients
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 4599

Suffering from Covid and struggling to get healthy food at your doorstep? Well, Mumbaikars, home cooks, restaurants, tiffin services and cloud kitchens provide nutritious meals to those in need. Chef Saransh Goila has made a comprehensive list of food providers for Covid patients and their kin. Zomato has also launched home-style mini-meals options to provide ghar jaisa khana on a priority basis to those battling poor health. Apart from these, here are 5 NGOs in Mumbai that provide free food to quarantined Covid patients, their kin and all those in need.


Social Evangelical Association for Love, the New Panvel based NGO, distributes over 100 free food packets daily to Covid patients and their family outside the MGM Hospital in Kamothe and other nearby areas, to help people out during the pandemic. The founder of SEAL, Pastor K M Philip stated to TOI that they provide cooked nutritious food to people in need outside the hospital in Kamothe. The social service group also lately received calls from people in the Western suburbs of  Mumbai requesting free food distribution at certain sites. The NGO will make further plans to provide the same.

mumbai ngos that give free food to covid patients

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2. Enrich Lives Foundation

Formerly called Annapurna Movement, Enrich Lives Foundation is an NGO that focuses on women empowerment, public health, poverty and hunger alleviation and education. Founded during the coronavirus induced lockdown in 2020 Indians involved with social causes by the Annapurna movement, started this initiative, Currently, this NGO is involved in distributing food grains and meals to people worst affected by the pandemic. Ration kits including atta, rice, oil and other essentials are distributed to at-risk communities apart from cooked meals in Mumbai.

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3. Making the Difference

Making The Difference (MTD) supplies free homemade tiffins to home quarantined patients primarily across Mira Bhayander in Mumbai. They provide around 100 free tiffins per day to quarantine home patients. This NGO also works to improve the quality of life for disadvantage people though health care, education and nutrition. They provide medical equipments all over Mumbai, tiffin services to quarantined patients in Mira Bhayander. Apart from this, Making The Difference NGO also distributes ration to local communities across Mumbai.


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4. Khaana Chahiye Foundation

Started as a city-led campaign in March 2020, Khaana Chahiye Foundation works to meet the immediate Covid lockdown-induced food demands of the homeless, daily wage labourers, migrant workers and other vulnerable populations in the city of Mumbai. Khaana Chahiye Foundation has distributed 46,50,000 meals to those in need in the city of Mumbai during the Covid crisis. With a collaboration with the Parle family, they also shared 10 lakh biscuit packets with the needy.


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5. Feeding From Far

Feeding From Far attempts to feed the unemployed and poor who struggle to feed themselves during the lockdown in Mumbai. This NGO has managed to distribute over 10 lakh meals to the underprivileged since the first lockdown hit. Cooked meals and ration kits made it to the homes of the hungry. Feeding From Far also provides ration kits consisting of rice, wheat, chana dal, sugar, oil, salt, turmeric powder, and red chilli powder. This NGO has helped the needy of Mumbai amid the pandemic.


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Mumbaikars, these are some NGOs that will provide free home-cooked meals and ration at the doorsteps of Covid patients and the underprivileged of the city. You can also make a generous donation to these NGOs to help those in need.

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