Sunil Grover As Rinku Bhabhi Comes Up With a Hilarious Music Video

by Akriti Seth
Sunil Grover As Rinku Bhabhi Comes Up With a Hilarious Music Video

Sunil Grover In A New Avatar

He needs no introduction as an actor, comedian or a stand-up comedian. Popularly known as Gutthi, we’ve loved Sunil Grover in all his avatars from Dr.Mashoor Gulati to Rinku Bhabhiji.

Now, we have Rinku bhabhi with ‘Mere Husband Mujhko Piyar Nahin Karte’. Hear her narrate and complain about how her husband does not love her which is the most common complain amongst women.

He might do a hundred things for you and you’d fail to notice. He might forget to do one thing which you might have asked him to do and there it is. Isn’t it this way always?

Mere Husband Mujhko Piyaar Nahi Karte
Mere Husband Mujhko Piyaar Nahi Karte – Written, sang and featuring Sunil Grover as Rinku Bhabhiji

Women’s Day Special

Set in a backdrop of a village, Sunil Grover has written, sung and featured in this super hilarious music video. This will certainly take your hearts away, this Women’s Day.

The lead Rinku Bhabhi is an adorable house-wife who wants to have a cocktail in a disco and NOT Nimbu-paani. It’s quite a task to be with a husband ‘jo romance nahi karte’ and ‘dance nahi karte’.

Sunil Grover releases the video on Women’s Day and says

A Man dressing up like a woman and trying to bring a smile on the better gender’s face. I love and respect women. They are better than men. What a day to release.”

Laugh your wits out listening to this funny little tale of an ‘innocent wife’ and an ‘unloving husband’ in a little village. I am sure it will be on loop for a while for you now.

Oh yes! and Happy Women’s Day. Leave all your wishes and love for an all-women Curly Tales team in the comment section below.

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