Heard Of Sandila’s Famous Laddus? Chef Ranveer Brar Shared The Origin Of These Laddus Sold In Kulhads!

Dive into the rich culinary heritage brought to life by Ranveer Brar!

by Mallika Khurana
Heard Of Sandila’s Famous Laddus? Chef Ranveer Brar Shared The Origin Of These Laddus Sold In Kulhads!

Chef Ranveer Brar is a luminary in the Indian culinary scene, a name synonymous with gastronomic excellence and enchanting storytelling. His prowess in the kitchen is matched by his ability to weave captivating narratives around food, turning simple recipes into cultural tales. Ranveer has also carved a niche for himself on social media, where he shares not only recipes but also the fascinating histories behind beloved dishes. His recent revelation about Sandila, a modest town in the Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh, and its famous laddus, is a perfect example of his unique storytelling talent.

The Journey Of Sandila’s Iconic Laddus


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Sandila, an otherwise unremarkable town, boasts a railway station that serves primarily as a transit stop. This station is a key junction for trains that go to Malihabad’s mango orchards or Lucknow’s bustling markets. Sandila is a signal for traders and travellers to pack up their belongings and get ready for the last part of their journey. Unless there are delays, the trains usually stop here for a brief few minutes.

But Sandila turned this fleeting quality into a thriving opportunity. The town’s halwayis, or sweet shop owners, devised a brilliant strategy to capitalise on the brief train stops. They began selling their signature laddus, a sweet treat, in small, easily portable kulhads (clay cups). The ingenious use of kulhads allowed vendors to pass the laddus through train windows, enabling passengers to purchase these delightful sweets without stepping off the train. This convenience quickly turned Sandila’s laddus into a beloved snack for travellers, and the town found its unique identity through these small but significant sweets.

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From Train Windows To Global Fame

Photo Credits: Chef Ranveer Brar/Instagram

For Ranveer Brar, Sandila’s laddus represent more than just a culinary delight; they are a testament to the town’s innovative spirit and its ability to turn a simple product into a cultural symbol. Despite the town’s size and the brief nature of the train stops, Sandila’s laddus have become its most renowned feature, embodying the town’s resourcefulness and charm.

The recipe for these laddus, much like their origin story, is delightfully simple, requiring only three basic ingredients: sugar, gram flour (besan), and water. This simplicity belies the laddus’ rich flavour and cultural significance. 

The story of Sandila’s laddus is a delightful reminder of how food can become an integral part of a community’s identity.

Cover Image Courtesy: Chef Ranveer Brar/Instagram