Heartbroken Dehradun Boy Opens Dil Tuta Aashiq Cafe For Heartbroken Lovers

by Sanjana Shenoy
Heartbroken Dehradun Boy Opens Dil Tuta Aashiq Cafe For Heartbroken Lovers

When you go through an awful heartbreak what do you do? Cry your hearts out, drown your sorrows over Arijit Singh songs, walk down nostalgia with your buddies, drink and binge away or just work on creating the best version of yourself right? Well, a 21-year-old Dehradun boy coped with his lockdown breakup in a unique manner. He opened a tea joint called “Dil Tuta Aashiq- Chai Wala” to set up a platform for heartbroken lovers to share their stories and cope with their issues over a cup of steaming hot tea. Well, his desire to take something positive out of his breakup instead of mourning over it for long, has definitely given a ray of hope to many people.

Dehradun Boy Opens Cafe After Suffering From A Heartbreak

Divyanshu Batra faced an awful heartbreak after he broke up with his highschool girlfriend during the lockdown. The 21-year-old youth from Dehradun had to break up with his girlfriend after her parents were against them. Depressed for around 6 months after his breakup he drowned his sorrows by playing PUBG. And then one day, he decided that instead of mourning over his breakup for long, he can instead derive something positive out of it. That’s when the idea of opening a cafe for heartbroken lovers like him, came to his mind.

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The BSc graduate in computer science used his saving to open a tea joint called,  “Dil Tuta Aashiq- Chai Wala.” While his father was quite sceptical about this unusually named cafe, his mother was very supportive.  Situated at the vicinity of GMS Road in Dehradun, this tea joint aims to help heartbroken lovers cope with their heartbreaks. Divyanshu Batra stated to Hindustan Times, “Everyone in their life goes through the same phase. Hence, I wanted them to come here and share their tales and the pain in their heart so that I can help them overcome this and move on. I am even succeeding in this as many are now coming by seeing the cafe’s name and sharing their break-up stories with me.”

Picture Credits: Hindustan Times

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Dil Tuta Aashiq- Chai Wala Aims To Provide A Platform For Heartbroken Lovers To Share Their Stories

The unique name, concept, ambience, food and beverages served in this tea joint impressed people in Dehradun. Divyanshu Batra owns and manages this cafe with his younger brother, Rahul Batra. One visitor, sipping coffee in this cafe stated to Hindustan Times, “After having a heartbreak, I came here and Batra helped me a lot in coping with the bad phase and moving on. I am really grateful to him and continue to come here.” Another visitor, suffering a breakup after his 3-year relationship ended also felt lighthearted after visiting and sharing his story with Batra.

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The 21-year-old entrepreneur also admits that more than doing any business, he wished to provide a platform to people like him to share their heartbreak stories. Apart from his customers, he also finally gained approval from his father. His dad’s friend visited the cafe and praised its food and ambience. That’s when Batra’s dad was finally convinced that his son was doing something productive. This young man, who transformed his sadness into an inspiring story, plans on opening another branch of his successful cafe in Dehradun. Apart from setting up a franchise in Haridwar. So, heartbroken lovers, if you’re in Dehradun, heed Batra’s words,” Maan Lo Meri Raaye, Ishq Se Behtar Hai Chai”.