Heatwave Takes Over Mumbai, Temps Soar Over 35.9°C; Annoyed Netizens Say, “Jala Do Mumbai Ko”

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Heatwave Takes Over Mumbai, Temps Soar Over 35.9°C; Annoyed Netizens Say, “Jala Do Mumbai Ko”

Mumbai has experienced a quick return of hot weather since the southwest monsoon left the city on October 6, signaling the start of October heat. The temperature at the Santacruz observatory jumped about 3 degrees on Monday, from 33.5°C on Sunday to 35.9°C, signalling the onset of October heat. Doctors are concerned about the upcoming illness, and netizens are expressing their feelings about this heat on social media platforms!

Heatwave Takes Over Mumbai, Temps Soar Over 35.9°C

India is currently experiencing an unusual October heatwave. The maximum temperature is projected to range between 35°C and 36°C during the course of the next six days, according to the Indian Meteorological Department’s (IMD) forecast. 

With temperatures soaring to 35.9°C, the lowest temperature was likewise higher than average, and 71% of the air was humid. Sushma Nair, an IMD scientist, remarked that daytime high temperatures in October are typical for staying in Mumbai. 

In the last seven days, outpatient departments at civic, state, and private hospitals have seen an increase in visitors. Doctors expressed concern about how high temperatures could affect people’s health. 

Residents suffering from respiratory illnesses and diabetes may suffer serious repercussions as a result of this sudden rise in temperature. The abrupt changes in temperature have already led to an increase in viral fever, dehydration, wooziness, and other diseases.

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Reactions On Social Media

Mumbaikars are witnessing a heatwave in October, another “expect the unexpected” moment in the lives of these citizens. To tackle this heatwave, people are doing all that they can, from drinking loads of water to expressing their annoyance on social media. 

Social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) are filled with reactions from Mumbaikars and other cities, as well as the irritating October heatwave. While some Netizens are trying to understand the reason behind this, others are attaching funny memes. 

One Netizen, who clearly seemed to be annoyed by this unexpected heatwave, wrote, “Ek kaam karte hai! Jala do Mumbai ko”. The GIF used by him is something Mumbaikars these days can clearly relate to. Another netizen wrote about how everyone is wet from sweat while travelling on the local train. 

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