Here Are The 10 Most Ordered Things By Indians In 2022

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Here Are The 10 Most Ordered Things By Indians In 2022

This year, all of you must have ordered something or other from various e-commerce portals. We all ordered things online, from groceries to electronics to clothes to everything else. I mean, ordering online is so easy and quick, be it in Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, or anywhere across India. But have you wondered what we Indians ordered the most in 2022? Well, if you did, here is a list of the top 10 most ordered things by Indians in 2022.

10 Most Ordered Things By Indians In 2022

  1. Food
  2. Clothes
  3. Documents
  4. Groceries
  5. Pharmacy
  6. Electronics
  7. Sweets
  8. Samples
  9. Fabric
  10. Gifts

Most Ordered Categories In Mumbai

Mumbaikars, being Mumbaikars, are pure foodies at heart. The list of most ordered categories showed that Mumbaikars ordered food the most. The category of food accounted for about 28%, which is the highest. Of course, the next item on the list is clothing with a 20% discount! Groceries accounted for only 8%, which showed that people prefer buying them offline rather than online.

  1. Food 28%
  2. Clothes 20%
  3. Documents 17%
  4. Groceries 8%
  5. Pharmacy 7%
  6. Electronic devices 5%
  7. Sweets 4%
  8. Samples 4%
  9. Fabric 4%
  10. Presents 3%
most ordered mumbai
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Most Ordered Categories In Bengaluru

With so many famous and amazing eateries in the city, food ranking first on the list of most-ordered categories is no surprise. With a whopping 41%, we know how much Bengaluruans love their food. The tech city’s clothes category accounted for only 12% of the third rank. The fifth-ranked category, groceries, accounted for only 6% of the list.

  1. Food 41%
  2. Documents 19%
  3. Clothes 12%
  4. Pharmacy 7%
  5. Groceries 6%
  6. Electronic devices 5%
  7. Sweets 3%
  8. Hardware 3%
  9. Books 2%
  10. Flowers 2%
most ordered Bengaluru
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Most Ordered Categories In Delhi

I guess Delhities believe that clothes and style are way more important than food. This is being concluded by the list of items most ordered in Delhi, where clothes top the list with 32%. Yes, and food comes second on the list with 22%. Buying groceries ranks fourth with 6%. 

  1. Clothes 32%
  2. Food 22%
  3. Documents 19%
  4. Groceries 8%
  5. Pharmacy 6%
  6. Electronic devices 3%
  7. Presents 3%
  8. Samples 3%
  9. Fabric
  10. Shoes 2%
Most ordered Delhi
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