Here’s A Virtual Tour Of Mopa Airport, Goa’s 2nd Airport!

by Shreya Ghosh
Here’s A Virtual Tour Of Mopa Airport, Goa’s 2nd Airport!

The day finally arrived when Goa’s newly inaugurated Manohar International Airport (GOX) welcomed the first passenger flight. It was on 5 January 2023 when the Mopa Airport commenced flight services and the first passenger flight arrived here from Hyderabad on Thursday. On 11 December 2022, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first phase of the Mopa Airport. Let’s take a virtual look at how this looks!

Take A Virtual Trip Of The Mopa Airport


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Constructed at a huge budget of about 2,870 crores, phase I of the airport will be providing services to about 4.4 million flyers every year. The theme behind developing the Mopa airport is based on sustainable infrastructure. The primary focus remained on building the airport in a way that emphasises sustainability. Mopa airport has green buildings, usage of LED lights, rainwater harvesting, a solar power plant, and a lot more.

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With sustainable infrastructure, Mopa airport also used technologies such as 3-D Monolithic Precast buildings, 5G compatible IT infrastructure, and Robomatic Hollow precast walls, among many others. Long back in November 2016, Modi Ji laid the foundation stone of the newly inaugurated Manohar International Airport.

What All Do You Have In Store To Witness?

mopa international airport
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From the time, the airport commenced flight services on Thursday, the Goa government also made the announcement of Blue Cab services there. Not only these blue cabs but there will also be taxi services registered under the state-run Goa Taxi App. These taxis will be affiliated with Goa Miles App as well.

This is the second international airport in Goa after the Dabolim Airport (GOI), making it easier to manage the surge of tourist footfall throughout the year.

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With out-of-the-world infrastructure, this airport is also home to a food court that sparks the vibes of an authentic eatery of Goa. Also, it has a specific area that is a paradise for shopaholics. The flea market is the perfect place to find crafts and products made by artisans and craftsmen.

Manohar International Airport got its name from Manohar Parrikar. He is the former Chief Minister of Goa and also the former defence minister.

So, when are you booking your flight here?

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