Here’s How You Can Make Your Food Look Better On Instagram

by Kritika Kukreja
Here’s How You Can Make Your Food Look Better On Instagram

It’s not about the food anymore. It’s about the photos you take of your food. Everything looks tastier on Instagram and why not? Food photography is now a legit business. We got in touch with some of the best food photographers in town and got you some fun tips.

How Do They Do It?

Many hotels are shacking up their dishes to encourage more and more people to snap their food before actually eating it, and it’s actually working! Photographers are able to get popular by making their pictures a hit and the restaurants are surely squeezing in more customers.

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How Can You Do It? 

If you want to be someone who can take ravishing photos of their plate of salad, it isn’t that difficult. You don’t have to spend a million bucks or prepare hours in advance. A few simple hacks can do just great! Here’s how easy it is to capture that magnificent photo –

The Presentation

For starters, your food should look well-prepared so that you’ve got the first step going good for you. Many say that Indian dishes don’t have the appeal like Sushi or perhaps, pasta does, but that’s only a myth. The best part about taking a snap of Indian preparations is that you have the liberty to garnish it. Use some spices, herbs or even salad on the side to make the dish so oh-so-yummy. You just need to put a dash of your imagination to the dish and you’ve nailed it!

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The Lighting 

So you’ve checked the food, but what’s the next step? With respect to ANY photograph, good lighting becomes essential. Any photographer will be able to tell you the emphasis of using natural light against artificial. Keeping that in mind, make sure you are capturing the photo during daylight so you don’t have to depend on artificial light. Upload a picture of your breakfast or lunch, instead of dinner to get those ‘likes’ flowing in.


Have you ever wondered why so many food bloggers do so great on Instagram? Well, you can learn a lot from them just by observing their pictures. They will always have a unique style when it comes to making the picture more appealing. If you are able to give the viewers something different, they will definitely value you. You can utilize fun and innovative props such as glasses, coasters, napkins, mugs and plates. If you run a brand, you can easily get your brand name imprinted on all those props to put the word out there.

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Now that you know the basics on how to click a phenomenal photo, you can easily twist and turn your mind for ideas. There aren’t any protocols to follow with this one, but original idea is the key. Put together a visionary land-mine of gorgeous clicks and let your genius shine!


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