Here’s How To Make Veg Schezwan Frankie At Home

by Vinita Jain
Here’s How To Make Veg Schezwan Frankie At Home

Frankie is popular street food in Mumbai. A Frankie is a wrap that contains a mix of vegetables and is topped with cheese and various sauces. Frankie wrap is a quite filling roadside snack that is perfect for kids and adults. Frankie wraps have a lot of variations. Paneer Frankie, Cheese Veg Frankie, Chicken Frankie, Schezwan Frankie, etc. Because Schezwan sauce is versatile the Schezwan Frankie contains different fillings. This recipe just needs some fresh patties, some sliced onions, and dips. This can be made at home also, so why not treat your family with street-style Schezwan Frankie at home?

1. CookingShooking

For packing lunches and snacks. A Frankie or Rolls is something we all enjoy. CookingShooking presents a street-style version of Veg Schezwan Frankie.

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2. Your Food Lab

Missing Mumbai waali Frankie, Chef  Sanjyot Keer brings the exact Mumbai’s street-style Frankie recipe.

3. Food Forever

Check out this easy-peasy recipe of Schezwan Cheese Frankie.

4. Rajshri Food

Want to eat something spicy and flavorous at home make Frankie wrap at home. Here’s a complete recipe for Veg Schezwan Frankie.

5. Chef Ranveer Brar

According to Chef Ranveer Brar, Schezwan Cheese Frankie is a mood during monsoon and chilly weather. So, he shares the recipe for Schezwan veg and non-veg Frankie.

6. Your Food Lab

Chef Sanjyot Keer brings one more recipe for Veg Schezwan Franky but this recipe has Manchurian as a filling. Try out this fiery and delicious recipe for Schezwan Frankie.

7. MadhurasRecipe Hindi

Learn to make flawless and flavorful patties for your Veg Schezwan Frankie.

8. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Got bored with the regular roti-sabzi, here’s a street-style snack recipe that you can relish and satisfy your cravings. Alyona Kapoor brings a luscious recipe for Schezwan Frankie.

9. Poonam’s Veg Kitchen

Poonam’s Kitchen brings the recipe for Mumbai-special Veg Schezwan Frankie.

10. Food & Travel TV

Want exact street-style flavors in your Veg Schezwan Frankie at home? Well, food & travel Tv got you a street-style recipe for Veg Schezwan Frankie.

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