Here’s How You Can Apply For A 10-Year Abu Dhabi Creative Visa

by Deeplata Garde
Here’s How You Can Apply For A 10-Year Abu Dhabi Creative Visa

UAE has a lot of visas to pick from depending on your preference. There is a unique long-term visa from the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi. If you are an artist or photographer wishing to make the UAE your home this visa can help you make a living in UAE without a sponsor. This visa gets the title, Creative Visa

What Is Creative Visa?

For people working in the artistic and creative industries, DCT Abu Dhabi introduced the “Creative Visa” program on February 14, 2021. The following areas require specialisation: history, performing and visual arts, designing and craft, gaming and eSports, media and publishing.

The creative visa intends to help people who contribute to Abu Dhabi’s cultural and creative industries and to provide prospects for jobs and citizenship.

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Required Documents

Fill out the form with basic personal details and then attach the list of documents given below.

a. UAE Passport
b.Photocopy with White background
c. 3 Supporting Documents From The Below Mentioned Options

1. a portfolio or resume outlining your professional history and accomplishments in your area of expertise
2. Relevant examples of your creative works or other proof of your expertise and accomplishments in your area of specialisation.
3. proof that you’ve worked in your area of expertise for at least ten years
4. Proof showing you have engaged in artistic or cultural endeavours that have been praised by critics, the media, or public or private entities
5. Documentation demonstrating your support or grant in your area of expertise
6. Document proving you’ve been given an artistic, creative, or cultural prize, recognition, or accreditation by an accredited or recognised entity.

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Therefore, if you are an artist who wishes to relocate to UAE then this option is the best at your disposal.