Here’s What Diljit Dosanjh Feels About Changing Himself To Fit In

Punjabi aa gaye oye!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Here’s What Diljit Dosanjh Feels About Changing Himself To Fit In

Diljit doesn’t shy away from being his true self on-screen and off-screen. Audiences absolutely love it when megastars like him are transparent with their fans! With his hit Punjabi movies, sold-out concerts, chart-topping popular songs and hilarious Alexa videos on Instagram, he doesn’t shy away from showcasing his authentic self. Our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, interviewed him for this recent Sunday Brunch episode and witnessed his down-to-earth yet electrifying persona.

Diljit Dosanjh Doesn’t Want To Fit In Anymore

Being true to oneself and not changing a bit to blend in can be incredibly daunting. Especially for someone who is constantly in the public eye! Kamiya highlighted that Diljit is someone who stays true to his roots and openly converses in his mother tongue, Punjabi, even outside of Punjab and internationally.

She then asked him if he ever felt the urge to change a couple of things about him that would make him fit in the glamourous industry more. He told us that during his earlier days, he tried as it was a rather strong feeling to match up with his surroundings. It was not his cup of tea and evidently, he gave up on the feelings to fit in.

“Aap kisi ki tarah nahi baan sakte. Aap jaise ho waise hi ho aur iss cheez se log zyada connect karte hai,” he said and we completely agree on this. It is hard to miss how people from all over the world enjoy his music and instantly groove to it, escaping language barriers. Dijlit being his true self is one of the crucial reasons why he is ruling many hearts!

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He Doesn’t Believe In This

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He continued on the same topic and shared with us that humans have both good and bad attributes and that is what makes a person, human. He emphasised that these things make you who you are and said, “Aap jaise bhi ho theek ho.” Paaji, same to same!

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