Hilarious Message On IndiGo Boarding Ramp Goes Viral; Here Are A Few Other Funny Ones

by Tooba Shaikh
Hilarious Message On IndiGo Boarding Ramp Goes Viral; Here Are A Few Other Funny Ones

Humans have a special affinity for humour. If corporations incorporate humour into their advertising and marketing, it makes them more appealing and friendly. IndiGo has mastered this humorous element. The funny slogans on IndiGo’s boarding ramps are slowly catching Netizens’ attention. Recently, one such hilarious quote went viral on the Internet and everyone is loving it. Some people have even gone as far as to call it a “peak Bengaluru moment.”

IndiGo Boarding Ramp Goes Viral On The Internet

In an incident that tickled people’s funny bones, a message on the ramp of the low-cost airline IndiGo has recently gone viral on the Internet. This particular message was a reference to the fact that IndiGo doesn’t have a business class.

The message read “Common ramp for founders and their funders.” This means that rich people have to tread on the same ramp as those who aren’t as rich as them. This hilarious message was viewed as a unique feature of the city of Bengaluru and people dubbed it “Peak Bengaluru moment.”

However, this isn’t the only time IndiGo has tried to use humorous messages on their ramps. Now this might come as a surprise to many Bangaloreans, but such funny ramps, like many other things in Bangalore, are not unique to this city, despite the delusions that its residents operate under.

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Some Other Funny Ramps

This particular ramp is probably our favourite. It puns on models walking on ramps and people walking on their boarding ramps. This would probably be the easiest way to become a model!

This particular ramp says “70 million and climbing.” It puns on the activity of climbing up to the plane via the ramp and also their accomplishment!

Here, you can spot multiple funny one-liners, including “VIPs this way.” Since it does not divide people by class, everyone’s a VIP because everyone has to walk that ramp. We stan such class equality and are delighted to read such quips!

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Which of these quotes on IndiGo boarding ramps is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @pooja1place/Twitter