Explore Goa By Hiring E-Bikes

by Tushal Kukreja
Explore Goa By Hiring E-Bikes

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B:Live in Goa, the party capital of the nation, lets you hire e-bikes and allows you to discover unseen parts of Goa.

What Is It?

Goa may be known to call all the party animals but it equally calls out all the backpackers and the nature explorers. B:Live is here to suffice the needs of the latter and this newest way to get to know the charming sunshine state won’t fail you. B:Live believes it is in discovering hidden gems tucked away in quaint alleys, meeting the locals and reconnecting with soul of a place that we truly come alive.

They curate these cycle tours that help you discover the unseen beauty of Goa.  India’s first e-bike tourism initiative, these tours are promoted by Goa Tourism Development Corporation in partnership with Arcis Tours.

What Else?

They have four curated tours that you can choose from: The Making of Panaji, Culture Trails, Escape to Divar Island and The Lost City of Old Goa. B:Live has three kinds of e-bikes available, and all are suitable for all of the four tours. The tours run for three hours, are held thrice a day and costs between Rs1,799-Rs2,799. The E-bikes are cycles but don’t have any pedalling involved unless you’re ascending a steep hill. It is powered by rechargeable batteries & come with a GPS tracker. They can reach speeds up to 25kmph and has electronic disc brakes for enhanced safety.