Honey Singh: I Have No Regrets In Life

Honey Singh shared that there was a time he would cry for five hours straight.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Honey Singh: I Have No Regrets In Life

The famous rapper and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh joined our anchor, Arohi Thatte, for this exciting episode of Tere Gully Mein. The Desi Kalakaar star has travelled all over the world but is still Desi at heart. From gorging on sev puri to eating sugarcane stalks with his teeth, he enjoyed it all. He also shared with us that he didn’t have any regrets in life, scroll to read about it.

Honey Singh Has No Regrets In Life

It was time for us to ask Honey Singh about some of his honest confessions. Arohi went on to ask him about the biggest regret of his life and he confidently told us that there are no regrets in his life. Previously, he admitted that his life had massive ups and downs.

From gaining immense success to disappearing from the limelight completely, he had some rough years. However, he is back on track, is optimistic and has no regrets in life.

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Why Did He Cry For 5 Hours Every Day?

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Arohi asked Honey Singh about the time when he last cried. He answered that it was last year because the conversations were very deep and it was about his past years. This made him emotional and he also shared that he never really used to cry during his childhood days. But now, he never shies away from crying.

Honey Singh told us that he wouldn’t flinch when his father would slap him. He would just simply stare back and pretend to be hurt but he never cried. It was during Honey Singh’s sickness that he cried for five hours straight, every day.

If reports are to go by, Honey Singh was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. He elaborated that it was purely his illness which made him cry out of fear for hours and lose all of his control over his emotions.

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Comment down below if you have any mannerisms which you never picked up during childhood but did in your adulthood. 

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