Horse Riding Is For Everyone At Japalouppe Equestrian Centre In Pune

by Farheen B
Horse Riding Is For Everyone At Japalouppe Equestrian Centre In Pune

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Horse-lovers, take beginner or advanced level riding classes at Japalouppe Equestrian Centre in Pune while your companions and kids enjoy the farm-life.

Image Courtesy: Japalouppe Facebook Page

What Is It?

“There is something between you that both understand, As it thrills an old message from bit-bar to hand. As he changes his feet in that plunge of desire, To the thud of his hoofs all your courage takes fire..”

You don’t have to be Hippophile or belong to any fancy racing club to experience what William Henry Ogilvie is describing in the poem – The Horse Of Your Heart. Just head to Japalouppe Equestrian Centre which has hosted Brad & Angelina’s offspring but maintains its core value of ‘riding is for everyone’.

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Image Courtesy: Japalouppe Facebook Page

What’s In It?

Step into the gates and you have entered a rustic setup. It will give you an authentic experience of what life on a stud farm is like. Started in 1998 and spread over acres & acres, the farm is named after ‘Jappeloup’, a small French horse who dreamed of big things.

What’s Unique?

Japalouppe Equestrian Centre is the only riding school in India which has Gypsy Vanner horses in its team.

Gypsy Vanner – The Irish Cob is a type or breed of domestic horse from the British Isles.

With the perfect temperament, Gypsy Vanner is best suited for beginners. They are known for their warm and gregarious nature. They instill a sense of calmness even in the most nervous of riders.

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Image Courtesy: Mark J. Barrett YouTube Channel

The animal population at the farm easily outnumbers the humans. One of their unique draws is a ‘petting farm’ for the young ones. The kids are given a ‘feeding bucket’ that consist of carrots, spinach, bread to satiate the hunger of rabbits, pigs, tortoise, geese, ducks, emu, turkey.

Horse-lovers take beginner and advanced level riding classes while your companions enjoy the farm-life.

Image Courtesy: Japalouppe Facebook Page

How Do I Get there?

Easily accessible from both Mumbai & Pune, Japalouppe is located along Mumbai-Pune Highway (NH-4), just after you cross Talegaon Toll.

What Else?

For those who aren’t into horses but still want to sample the farm, there is enough to do at a safe distance from the horses. The centre of action is a thatched canteen. It could easily turn into a dance floor, with lights and speakers after dark. There is also a machaan. You can sip your chai and read a book by day, or watch the constellations in the sky by night.

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Image Courtesy: Japalouppe Facebook Page

So, We Suggest

You even have the option of staying in one of their cozy stone cottages or dorms. Sounds like the perfect weekend. There is also an option of signing up for regular classes or even a residential riding-camp (held during vacations).

Lets get galloping!


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