Try A Hot Air Balloon Safari Just A Few Kms Out Of Mumbai

by Natasha Monteiro
Try A Hot Air Balloon Safari Just A Few Kms Out Of Mumbai

Under 140 Characters:

Float high up in the clouds, with the cool wind caressing your face in a hot air balloon safari in Lonavala.

What Is It?

We, at Curly Tales call this an experience of a lifetime. There is nothing more exciting than flying over the lush greenery of the Sahyadri Range, 800 feet off the ground, with the golden glow of the sun, warming your face.

The Hot Air Balloon Safari in Lonavala is an experience that’s straight out of an Enid Blyton book. Make all your childhood dreams come true as you sit in a colourful balloon and watch the world go by under you. You even get to watch how the balloon is filled. It’s a concept much like the Chinese Lantern. Only this time, you get to actually sit in it.

Drive down to Lonavala – just a few kms out of Mumbai – to experience magic. Mother Nature puts on the most spectacular light show over the contoured valleys of Lonavla as the sun rises higher. The air is crisp and cool. You’re not just flying. You’re floating – one with the clouds and serenity.

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Hot Air Balloon Ride over Lonavala
Hot Air Balloon Ride over Lonavala

Tell Me More:

The Hot Air Balloon Safari is an adventure in the air – quite literally! You know your take-off point but you don’t know where you’ll be landing. The hot air balloon just goes with the wind (in a controlled environment of course). Each ride is a new experience. No two enthusiasts will ever get the same view. Don’t forget to carry your camera, sun-screen and sunglasses as you embark on this voyage through the clouds.

Our personal favourite is the trip where you get to see the sunrise over the Sahyadris. Catch the spectacular fireworks of the sun over the night sky. To be fair, the sunset tour – which takes off about 2 hours before sunset – is also amazing.

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Ride into the sunset
Ride into the sunset

Package Details:

Price (Per Person) on weekdays: INR 9,800

Price (Per Person) on weekends: INR 12,000


Mar-May: 6:15AM

Oct-Nov: 6:15 AM

Dec-Feb: 6:45AM & 4 PM


One hour

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