All About Bhai Dooj 2023: Rituals, Significance, Muhurat & More Inside

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
All About Bhai Dooj 2023: Rituals, Significance, Muhurat & More Inside

A significant Hindu festival Bhai Dooj, or Bhau Beej in Marathi, honors the relationship between brothers and sisters. It occurs two days after Diwali and has great emotional and cultural significance in India.

All About Bhai Dooj

bhai dooj
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The two terms that make up Bhai Dooj are “Bhai,” which means brother, and “Dooj”. It is the second day after the new moon. This year, the muhurat to apply tilak to your brother’s forehead is from 10:40 am to 12 pm.

Deeply ingrained in Hindu mythology is the legend of this festival. In a widely accepted legend, Yama, the god of death, paid Yamuna a visit on this day. Yamuna greeted her brother Yama with love, and affection and applied tilak on his forehead. Yamuna’s kindness and hospitality touched Yama, who bestowed a boon upon her, stating that everyone who receives tilak and aarti from their sister on this day will be blessed with a prosperous and long life.

Another Hindu story states that after vanquishing Narakasura, Lord Krishna paid a visit to his sister Subhadra. Subhadra greeted him with flowers and candies, and she applied a tilak to his forehead. It is believed that ever since this day, Bhai Dooj is celebrated.

Rituals Of This Day

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Sisters sing aarti, and apply tilak (vermilion) to their brothers’ foreheads, as a way of showing their love and affection on this auspicious day. Varied parts of India have varied Bhai Dooj customs, which give the festival a variety of flavours.

Whereas families join together on joyous occasions, sisters in certain regions cook a special supper for their brothers. Siblings’ emotional bond is strengthened via the ritual tilak, presents, and candies exchanged.

This ritual is performed to protect us from various negative energies and grant us wealth and longevity. Bhai Dooj is celebrated as Bhai Phota in West Bengal. On the same day as Maharashtra observes Bhau Beej, South India observes Yama Dwitiya.

Sister Pledges To Safeguard Her Brother

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The aarti and tika are very important on Bhai Dooj. During Bhai Dooj, the sister pledges to shield her brother from harm at all costs by placing a tika on his forehead.

Even while wearing tilak is customary for both Bhai Dooj and Rakhi festivities, it has particular meaning during the Bhai Dooj occasion. However, Bhai Dooj is reserved specifically for the brother-sister pair.

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So, how are you going to celebrate this occassion, this year?

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