How To Click Photos Like A Travel Blogger

by Kritika Kukreja
How To Click Photos Like A Travel Blogger

We always envy travel bloggers. Their photo style, the background – it simply becomes the best click! But what if we told you that you don’t need professional equipment to click those blogger-worthy photographs? In fact, you can simply use your smartphone and tweak the photo using easy tools. Here are easy tips to get that perfect travel photograph –

1. Lighting

An old trick, but works wonder. The perfect clicks are always taken with lots of natural light. If you’re into experimenting, you could try out different angles of the scene and figure out which ones works best. When it comes to lighting, you can also play around with it. Use it to your advantage to create shadows of rocks in the river, which will enhance the depth effect of your photo.

2. Layout

On Instagram, you can post your picture with different kinds of layouts. Basically, it is an app that works well with square format image, but you could try vertical or horizontal as per your requirement but the square does take up the maximum space on the screen and hence, it is preferred.

Apart from that, use the simple editing tools available with Instagram instead of picking out a filter. Brighten the photo, enhance the highlights, decrease the shadows or adjust the contrast. A neatly edited photo looks much better than a random filter!

3. Avoid ‘Portrait’ Mode

Yes, as much as you’d like to focus on the bridge across the river in the entire picture, the portrait mode just doesn’t seem so good on Instagram for your feed posts. If you want to post your portrait mode photos, Instagram stories are the perfect feature for that.

4. Avoiding Crowds

Clicking on a busy street? Crowds are unavoidable and often get in the way of the perfect shot. You could try visiting the quieter times of the streets, or simply use the crowd to your benefit. A picture of a busy street often comes across as vibrant or animated, so you can use that for your advantage.