How To Spend A Weekend In Alibaug? Here’s A Guide

by Shreya Ghosh
How To Spend A Weekend In Alibaug? Here’s A Guide

Alibaug is a great destination for a quick and rejuvenating getaway. Spending a weekend in Alibaug is one of the favourite past-times of Mumbaikars. There are so many places to travel, beaches to explore, things to eat, and so much more here. But covering everything in just two days gets really hectic. If you are planning your weekend in Alibaug, then you are at the right place. Read on to know more about the perfect itinerary for a blissful weekend in Alibaug after five, stubborn, never-ending weekdays.

Reach Alibaug From Mumbai In M2M Ferry

Travelling to Alibaug from Mumbai has become the simplest now. All you need to do is book the first Ro-Pax ferry service of Maharashtra running between Mumbai and Mandwa. And you will reach your destination in less than an hour. The experience of travelling on a ferry is one of a kind and the journey is very safe. If you have a pet, then no need to worry as this mode of transport is pet-friendly as well.

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Enjoy A Staycation At The Amore Villa During Your Weekend In Alibaug

To make your staycation at Alibaug grand and luxurious, finding a stunning stay option is the most important. Curly Tales’ recommendation of a magnificent hotel in Alibaug is the ‘Amorre Villa’. This luxurious 7 BHK villa is certainly one of the best you can get here. Every facility, service, interior, outdoor area, and all things related to the villa sparks extreme luxury. Get the most beautiful views of the sea from the balconies inside. The stunning private pool is an added bonus to this luxury.

Take A Quick Spend A Day At India’s First Container Park Near Alibaug

Visit the country’s first-ever container park, ‘Sunny Side Market’ whenever you are in Alibaug. Spending a day in this colourful and vibrant market will surely be the biggest highlight of your weekend trip here. The containers painted in bright and colourful hues will make you feel like never leaving the place. Shop, eat, take a stroll around, and catch breathtaking sunsets, the things to explore here are endless.

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Sundowner At The Boardwalk by Flamboyante Is A Must In A Weekend In Alibaug

To indulge in delicious foods with dynamic views, you have to check out Boardwalk by Flamboyante at least once. This restaurant is a slice of Santorini right in Alibaug and you will enjoy every second you spend here. The sea-facing restaurant is a crowd-favourite for its mouth-watering menu and nautical-themed decors. Some recommendations to try out are Butter Garlic Prawns, Sundowner, Khau Suey, and Mud Pie.

Now that your itinerary is totally sorted, leave for Alibaug ASAP!