Huma Qureshi Reveals Easy-Peasy Beauty & Makeup Hacks We Bet You Didn’t Know Yet | Curly Tales

by Suchismita Pal
Huma Qureshi Reveals Easy-Peasy Beauty & Makeup Hacks We Bet You Didn’t Know Yet | Curly Tales

After the release of Monica O My Darling, actress Huma Qureshi is the talk of the town. The actress recently met Curly Tales Editor-in-Chief Kamiya Jani Verma for a Sunday Brunch by the beach at Gadda Da Vida, Novotel Mumbai. While conversing with Kamiya, the actress revealed her go-to beauty and makeup hacks that can make your day easier for sure. Kamiya also played a fun game with Huma, named SUGAR & Spice, presented by SUGAR Cosmetics. To know the deets, dive in!

Huma Qureshi Always Carries These 3 Makeup Products Inside Her Handbag

While playing the SUGAR & Spice game, Huma revealed to Kamiya that she prefers sugar over spice, beaches over mountains and dinner dates over party nights. When Kamiya asked which three products Huma always prefers to carry in her handbag, she replied, “Mascara, lip balm and a mattifying powder.” She also said that she prefers her lipstick to be glossy but her makeup matt. If you didn’t know, Kamiya is a big fan of SUGAR products and loves its Lash Of The Titans Volumising Mascara, Set The Tone Tinted Powder and Tipsy Lips Moisturising Balm.

When asked what her quick makeup fix is, Huma recommended that everybody should crack a nice foundation according to their skin shade. She added that by doing so, half of our problems will be solved. 

Huma also confirmed that she isn’t a fan of heavy or cakey makeup look. The actress said that the skin should not look like a pancake. You can choose your shade from SUGAR Cosmetics Drop The Base Serum Foundation for that flawless, natural look. 

Huma Finds Spidery Lower Lashes ‘Hypnotic’

“I like to play up my eyes some days, I love to play up my lip some days. It really depends on what I am wearing and what my mood is. I do love doing a little pop of red or pink with some of my outfits. I do like to wear a lot of mascara, especially on the lower lid, I think that’s my thing.”, said Huma. 

Huma Qureshi makeup
Picture Credits: Curly Tales Internal

Huma revealed that she adores spidery lower lashes and said that it is very ‘60s inspired. She thinks that nobody does it anymore, but there is something hypnotic about it. No wonder, her kohl-laden eyes, bold lips and sassy aura often get us bowled over. Want to get spidery lower lashes like Huma? Count on SUGAR Cosmetics Double Date Extreme Volume Mascara Duo.

Huma’s 5-Second Makeup Removal Hack!

Removing heavy makeup after a tiring day seems hectic for many of us. But not anymore. Huma Qureshi’s 5-second makeup removal hack can come to your rescue. Huma said, “One balm, I rub it and a hot towel…It removes all the makeup.” Alternatively, you can go for SUGAR Cosmetics Swipe Right Cleansing Water

After the brunch, Kamiya also gifted Huma a beautiful hamper from SUGAR Cosmetics. And why not? From lipsticks, concealers, eyeshadows and mascaras to foundations and blushes, SUGAR has the best of them all. Furthermore, Huma revealed that she often does her own makeup. 

On that note, what’s your favourite go-to makeup product?