Hurricane Idalia: Category 4 Storm Likely To Hit Florida’s West Coast Soon; Here’s All About It

Hurricane Idalia
by Shreya Ghosh

Hurricane Idalia has already wreaked havoc on Tuesday and now it is about to hit some parts of Florida soon. Several coastal areas witnessed massive rainfall and flooding. According to several online reports, the Category 3 storm intensified overnight. Predictions stated earlier how it could strengthen and grow powerful on early Wednesday. It is transforming into a Category 4 hurricane before making landfall on the west coast of Florida.

Updates On Hurricane Idalia:

Hurricane Idalia

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The storm has already devastated many places before hitting the west coast of Florida. It is indeed a scary time for all the residents living near the affected regions. Predictions specify that the storm is likely to make landfall close to the Big Bend area, according to a report by CBS News. The National Hurricane Center shared many details of the dangerous storm and how it could intensify into stronger and more powerful and develop into an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane before entering and disrupting some parts of Florida.

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Residents living close to the Gulf Coast have already received warnings about any destruction or worst impacts. Ron DeSantis has advised these people to evacuate as soon as possible. Authorities asked these people to shift somewhere in the higher levels. A report by The Wall Street Journal also stated that classes in schools have been cancelled due to Hurricane Idalia heading faster to Florida’s west coast.

Parts Of Florida Is Experiencing The Worst Time

Hurricane Idalia

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DeSantis also shared on Tuesday how there are chances for the hurricane to reach 8 to 12 feet higher in several regions. Storms hitting the high tide at such a major rise can turn out to be a disaster and so dangerous. The National Hurricane Center also added that the storm can rise to 12 to 16 feet near the Big Bend area, according to a report by CNN.

At around 2 AM ET on Wednesday, Hurricane Idalia already was blowing at about 115-120 mph with major winds along the east coast. The intensifying stage of such a life-threatening storm is going to be a scary nightmare for people living in and close to the affected regions.

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It is a scary life-threatening time for Florida residents.

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