Hurricane Hilary US: Heavy Rainfall Hits LA; Southern California Records 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake

by Shreya Rathod
Hurricane Hilary US: Heavy Rainfall Hits LA; Southern California Records 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake

Tropical cyclone Hurricane Hilary is threatening Southern California and Los Angeles in the USA. While the latter is experiencing heavy rainfall, the former is hit by an earthquake! The hurricane started due to a disturbance south of Mexico’s southern coast linked to a tropical wave that made landfall in the far eastern Pacific Ocean on August 12. After becoming more organised over time and causing a disturbance near Manzanillo, Colima; it turned into Tropical Storm Hilary.

Hurricane Hilary: LA Experiences Heavy Rainfall!

Los Angeles records heavy rainfall due to Tropical Storm Hilary. Downtown Los Angeles broke its previous record of 0.03 inches (set in 1906) with 1.53 inches of rain. While this took place, LAX received an estimated 1.28 inches of rain, shattering the previous record from more than 20 years ago.

Additionally, Long Beach Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport and Palmdale Airport broke their previous records. The National Weather Service and several others issued warnings that considerably more rain was expected.

According to Mayor Karen Bass, they haven’t witnessed the strength of this rainfall and they anticipate something much worse. The impacted areas, which include California, Arizona, and Nevada, have been warned of life-threatening catastrophic flash, urban, and arroyo flooding. The storm’s peak intensity is anticipated to occur as it continues to move north.

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Southern California Hit By Earthquake

At the same time, a magnitude-5.1 earthquake struck Southern California and the surrounding region. The earthquake had its epicentre near Ojai and was about 80 miles northwest of Los Angeles. It was followed by at least six 3.0 or higher aftershocks. In fact, the authorities are stating that the worst may still be yet to come in the area.

Tropical Storm Hilary made landfall on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, flooding the streets. Prior to the height of the storm, heavy rain prompted flash flood warnings for at least 9 million people. Under a Tropical Storm Warning issued in Southern California, which covered regions from Los Angeles to the US-Mexico border, including San Diego, that number increased to 21 million people.

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In California and Nevada, two of the states that are anticipated to be the hardest hit by Hurricane Hilary, states of emergency have been issued.

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