Los Angeles Might Get Hit By Hurricane Hilary This Weekend, Widespread Showers Expected

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Los Angeles Might Get Hit By Hurricane Hilary This Weekend, Widespread Showers Expected

Climate change is real, and we have seen enough instances explaining the same. From wildfires to extreme heavy rainfall, in different parts of the world, climate change is showing its existence. A storm threatening Southern California and the southwestern U.S. and brewing off the Mexican Pacific coast might move to Los Angeles. The storm has now upgraded to hurricane strength, according to weather reports.

Los Angeles Might Get Hit By Hurricane Hilary

Los Angeles witnessed low-elevation snow, and now it’s time for a tropical storm, which has been upgraded to a hurricane. Hurricane Hilary is brewing off Mexico’s Pacific coast and is marching towards Baja California this weekend.

The hurricane is expected to keep travelling north and come to South California on Monday morning. The National Weather Service said that it’s too early to confirm how much stronger it will be, but it is expected to make landfall. The current projections show that it might bring rough surf, rainfall, and dangerous winds. 

In Los Angeles, about two inches of rainfall, flash flooding, and urban flooding are expected. The dangerous winds are expected to go over 35 mph.

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Tropical cyclone that hit Long Beach was in 1939

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The National Weather Service informs us that all the tracking models agree that the storm is taking a rough path. If the storm leaves its current path and shifts by 100 miles or so, this might impact the weather around it.

The strength and timing of the storm are not certain yet. Hurricane Hilary, which might hit Los Angeles, has so far sustained winds of 85 mph. It is expected to considerably drop once it reaches Los Angeles.

The last time a tropical storm or hurricane made landfall in LA was about 84 years ago. In 1939, an unnamed tropical cyclone came ashore in Long Beach. It was also the last storm to make landfall in California. 

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We hope the strength of the hurricane drops!

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