Hurricane Lee To Make Landfall At Nova Scotia; New York & Boston Face Flood Threats

by Tooba Shaikh
Hurricane Lee To Make Landfall At Nova Scotia; New York & Boston Face Flood Threats

Hurricane Lee, a monstrous hurricane which is around 500 miles wide, is hurtling towards the US-Canada border at a speed of around 100 miles per hour. On Thursday, it severely impacted the region of Bermuda and is now expected to make landfall in Nova Scotia. Areas around New York and Boston are expected to face threats of flooding. This particular storm is currently moving North across the Atlantic Sea. Here are all the details available about this storm.

Hurricane Lee To Make Landfall At Nova Scotia

This ferocious storm will impact the east coast of the United States of America or the US. According to an article recently published by The Independent, the storm will make a landfall either in Maine or in Nova Scotia.

This particular storm is rated Category 2 on the Saffir-Simpson Scale. Category 2 storms are characterised by extremely strong gusts of winds that cause extensive damage. Many trees are uprooted as a result of such string winds and poorly planted signposts can be damaged.

The article specifies that the forecasters have issued warnings regarding coastal and inland flooding in New York and Boston. The effects of the storm were felt on Thursday near the east coast with treacherous rip and surf currents on beaches and coastal areas.

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Other Regions That Will Be Impacted

New York and Boston are not the only areas that will be impacted by this hurricane. The article states that areas like Long Island Sound as well as Montauk could witness a flooding of around 3 feet. Flushing, a neighbourhood in Queens, could also witness a flooding of 2 feet. Rockaways, too, will witness around 2 feet of flooding.

Boston Harbor, too, could see a flood of around 3 feet. Cape Cod will see the worst with approximately 4 feet of flooding. People are advised to stay indoors and not leave their houses owing to the extreme weather conditions. New England will also be severely affected.

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