Hyderabad: After 30 People Suffered Food Poisoning, GHMC Issued Notice & Shuts Down MS Mandi Hotel

In Hyderabad's Old City, several people fell ill and suffered from food poisoning after eating at this eatery.

by Shreya Rathod
Hyderabad: After 30 People Suffered Food Poisoning, GHMC Issued Notice & Shuts Down MS Mandi Hotel

In the F&B industry, it is important to conduct hygiene checks and maintain clean kitchens in order to prevent customers from falling ill. However, there have been cases where restaurants and cafes are serving unhygienic food to customers. Recently, the customers of MS Mandi Hotel in Hyderabad have been victims of food poisoning.

Restaurant In Hyderabad Shut After People Suffered From Food Poisoning

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Credits: Flickr/ McKay Savage

Following several reports of people falling ill after dining at a restaurant, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation shut down MS Mandi in Old City. On Thursday, foodies dined at a Purani Haveli restaurant serving mandi, an Arabic delicacy. More than 43 members were admitted to different hospitals after complaining of discomfort and other health problems.

Following their consumption of meals from the Mandi Hotel in Purani Haveli, the individuals started to feel sick. A few recipients took packages home. Up to 43 persons, including 12 members of one household, became ill. They reported feeling uneasy and experiencing headaches, nausea, fever, and stomachaches.

After conducting an inspection, the concerned food safety authorities feared that the mandi rice and mayonnaise may have been contaminated. The samples were forwarded to an analyst. According to a statement released by the Assistant Food Controller GHMC, management was told to close the location till further notice.

Seven members who worked at the same restaurant as glass fitters had a meal and some mandi. They later complained of feeling uneasy and were checked into the private hospital in the area. According to a worker, who was admitted to the government hospital, he and his six colleagues went to the hospital to get a check-up after observing health issues on November 16. The doctor confirmed that it was a case of fever and were suffering from food poisoning. The seven of them were immediately admitted.

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After People Were Hospitalised, GHMC Inspected The Place

Credits: Flickr/ Amit Tiwari

The reports also state that people have been admitted and undergoing treatments since Friday. According to the hospital’s doctors, more than twenty patients were brought in for food illness on Thursday after consuming mandi.

A child complained to the Mir Chowk police on Saturday about the motel administration. Sheikh Shoaib claims that late on Thursday night, he and his buddy Arbaz Khan, who lives in Yakutpura, placed an order for mandi. Arbaz, who had just finished his dinner, refrained from eating while Shoaib did.

When Shoaib later complained of vomiting and excruciating stomach pain, he was taken right away to a private facility. Following an examination, the physician concluded that Shoaib’s severe illness was caused by food poisoning. The complaint was reported to the food safety department by the police, who then launched an investigation.

In the meantime, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation inspected the restaurant in Gudimalkapur in response to a complaint from a food enthusiast. A diner reportedly complained about finding a bug in the Mandi that a restaurant was serving.

A social media user who was complaining about the insect in Mandi mentioned GHMC in the post. The food safety officer from the GHMC lifted samples and conducted a site inspection.

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Afterwards, an inspection report was turned in for additional processing.

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