Visiting Hyderabad? Do Not Miss Going To Laad Bazaar, Famous For Exquisite Lacquer Bangles

One thing you cannot miss on your visit to the "City of Pearls" is the Laad bazaar. Here's why

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Visiting Hyderabad? Do Not Miss Going To Laad Bazaar, Famous For Exquisite Lacquer Bangles

Hyderabad in Telangana, known as the “City of Pearls,” is famous as the home to the beautiful Charminar. The city is also known for its delicious chicken and mutton Hyderabadi biryani. But did you know that it is also home to one of the most renowned bazaars in India? Yes, it is home to the renowned Laad Bazaar, a medieval bazaar renowned for its magnificent lacquer bangles. Here is why you must visit this bazaar. 

Do Not Miss Going To Laad Bazaar In Hyderabad

Credits: Canva

The name of the market, Laad, comes from the lacquer used to make these exquisite bangles embellished with imitation diamonds. It is located on one of the four streets that branch out from the famous Charminar.

Previously called Lord Bazaar, this vibrant marketplace is home to more than 350 stores that are well-known for their exquisite lac bracelets. The market creates a wide variety of expertly exhibited bangles in the shops, with over 150 workshops. It takes three hours to create these finely designed bangles. 

The rings are made of thin aluminium wires, while the base of the lac is made of a mixture of titanium powder and Belgium. Thousands of bangle patterns are created by painstakingly applying colours and encrusting stones onto the surface. The holiday season brings quite a lot of business to the market. 

Among the most popular bracelets purchased for weddings are those with pearls set in frames made of brass or silver. Bangles made to order are also created for a variety of events.

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Proximity To Well-Known Sites

This busy shopping alley, which stretches over a kilometre, offers a wide selection of bangles, bridal accessories, saris, and reasonably priced jewellery. Laad Bazaar has a rich history that dates back to the Qutub Shahis and the Nizams.

Its appeal is due to its colourful wares as well as its close proximity to well-known sites like Charminar, Makkah Masjid, and Chowmahalla Palace. One may enjoy the lively culture and handicrafts of the city by visiting this historic market. 

Not only do locals frequent the market in droves, but tourists from the Middle East also purchase these gorgeous bangles in large quantities. Furthermore, Hyderabad’s bangles are recognized globally, and they are shown in annual exhibitions in Oman. 

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Known For Bridal Shopping Too

Credits: Wikimedia commons

In addition to bangles, the market is well-known for a broad variety of goods, such as artworks, jewellery, semi-precious stones, pearls, and traditional textiles including silk, cotton, velvet, and brocade. The bangle shops, nestled in antique buildings, reveal their long past as you meander through the narrow streets. the place is also famous for bridal shopping. 

Bicycles, motorbikes, scooters, and cycle-rickshaws are the only vehicles that are allowed inside due to the tight and congested streets; auto-rickshaws and cars are not allowed.

In Laad Bazaar, haggling is thought to be common, with store owners and keepers maintaining inflated pricing in the hopes that consumers will haggle. A typical suggestion is for the store owner to deduct 20–30% from the suggested price. Shop owners typically use employees outside of their establishments to entice customers inside.

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You simply cannot miss this market!

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixahive

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