Hyderabad Airport Will Soon Introduce Contactless Terminal Entry For Its Travelers

by Gizel Menezes
Hyderabad Airport Will Soon Introduce Contactless Terminal Entry For Its Travelers

Airports across the world are coming up with innovative techniques to ensure that social distancing measures are observed when air travel resumes in the post-lockdown world.

And as part of its preparedness, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad is planning to introduce contactless terminal entry for travelers.

Image Courtesy: Financial Express

Hyderabad Airport To Introduce Contactless Terminal Entry

The first-of-its-kind contactless entry at the RGIA will ensure minimal contact between passengers and airport personnel and will be part of the new norms of social distancing at the airport.

So instead of the usual process of handing over your ticket and photo ID to a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) personnel for verification, the passenger will now be required to display the ticket and ID onto a high-definition camera, which will be installed at every entry gate at the domestic departures terminal of the RGIA.

The CISF Personnel will then carefully verify the documents from a specially designed computer, which will be kept at a safe distance from passengers. Once the documents are verified, the passenger will be allowed inside the terminal for check-in and other processes.

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Image Courtesy: Hindu Business Line

Other Safety Initiatives At Hyderabad Airport

Further, adding to these safety initiatives, the airport has also positioned thermal cameras at each departure gate to record the temperature of every passenger entering the terminal in a non-intrusive way. If a passenger is found to have a high temperature, she/he will be stopped from entering the terminal and airport health officers will be alerted.

To ensure that there is no direct contact between passengers and the check-in staff, all check-in counters are being fitted with acrylic shields. All check-in counters will also be reoriented in such a way that passengers will have to collect the boarding cards and baggage tags on their own. The airport has also reportedly developed a contactless water fountain for passengers.

Don’t you think these measures are really cool? Is this the future of the Indian airline industry? Let us know!

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