Hyderabad Cafe Serves 24K Gold Ice Cream Topped With Gold Foil For ₹500

Gold Ice Cream Hyderabad
by Suchismita Pal

Gold in food isn’t a new thing anymore. Culinarians all over the globe have rolled out many majestic dishes that are made with real gold. Huber & Holly in Hyderabad also serves a 24 karat gold plated ice cream known as Mini Midas. The price of this royal frozen treat is ₹500, excluding taxes. Recently, food blogger Abhinav Jeswani uploaded a video of the ice cream on Instagram. Along with the video, he wrote, “Literally one of the best ice creams I ever had.” The video has garnered over 284K likes.


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A Cold Treat With Gold!

In the video, we see the ice-cream chef pouring ice cream over a cone stuffed with tempting chocolate. He then wraps the creamy layer entirely with gold leaf. The gold ice cream is then embellished with red cherries. He serves the ice cream with frozen ice, beside a firecracker, which makes it look all the more drool-worthy. One of the users commented, “This looks lit.” Another commented, “That’s a killer ice cream.” Some others however were not pleased with its price tag and felt that its way too much to spend on ice cream.


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Gold Ice Cream Can Be Relished In Delhi Too

Huber & Holly is not the only place making this ice cream. If you visit Delhi, you can try out a gold ice cream known as ‘Go for gold’ at De-Jag’s. Located in Rajouri Garden, one of the most bustling locations of the capital city, the ice-cream parlour serves the gold treat in a cone decked with golden sugar balls. The cone is packed with chocolate chips, fudge, brownie, red velvet cake and loads more and topped with macaron, Ferrero Rocher and nuts. Like Mini Midas, the Go for gold ice cream at De-Jag’s is also priced at ₹500. On that note, here is a list of 6 Foods With 24 Carat Edible Gold You Must Try In India.

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