Hyderabad’s LuLu Mall Opening Takes Unexpected Turn, Shoppers Create Chaos; Pics & Videos Go Viral

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hyderabad’s LuLu Mall Opening Takes Unexpected Turn, Shoppers Create Chaos; Pics & Videos Go Viral

On September 27, Kukatpally’s LuLu Mall celebrated its grand opening with much excitement, drawing sizable crowds eager to check out the expansive shopping attraction. However, things quickly became chaotic. Social media platforms are filled with pictures and videos from the mall showing it as a chaotic zone. 

Hyderabad’s LuLu Mall Opening Takes Unexpected Turn

The ceremonial opening of the LuLu Mall took an unexpected turn when mobs of rowdy customers caused commotion and looted food. People were in general disbelief after pictures of empty and partially devoured food items on the mall’s storage racks were circulated on various social media sites.

According to witnesses and security staff, some of the throng started acting violently and targeted drinks and packaged items. The contents of multiple things were opened, devoured, and then dumped inside the mall as shelves stocked with different products were plundered.

Customers ate or half consumed the food before throwing it on the mall’s flooring, including samosas, biscuits, soft beverages, fruits, and other commodities. Bottles, empty wrappers, and other food-related material lying throughout the grounds were also destroyed.

CCTV cameras and other security measures didn’t seem to be able to stop the chaotic scene from developing. Local authorities found it difficult to control the situation. Videos of the incident quickly went viral on social media, where internet users shared a variety of opinions. (as per Telangana Today)

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UAE-Based Retailer LuLu Group

The UAE-based retailer LuLu Group entered Telangana on Wednesday by opening its first mall in Hyderabad. Kukatpally is home to a five-million-square foot mall. Telangana’s IT and Industries Minister, KT Rama Rao, presided over the mall’s inauguration, which was accompanied by Yusuff Ali M.A, Chairman of the LuLu Group.

The mall offers a wide range of services and facilities. The mall features 75 local and international brand-filled stores, a multi-cuisine food court, a 1400-seat, five-screen movie theater, and more conveniently located under one roof.

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