Foul Rat Smell Inside Hatia-Islampur Train’s AC Coach, Troubled Passengers Create Uproar At Bokaro

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

All of you must have travelled by Indian Railways at some point in time. They have always been working their best to make the journey memorable for the passengers. But there have also been instances where the passengers have been troubled because of a lack of facilities. Something similar happened in the AC coach of the Hatia-Islampur train. Passengers were troubled by the foul smell of rats. 

Foul Rat Smell Inside Hatia-Islampur Train’s AC Coach

Passengers travelling in the AC coach of the Hatia-Islampur Express train had to travel in a very uncomfortable manner. The reason behind the trouble was a foul smell of rats prevailing in the coach on Monday. 

The passengers accused the Indian Railways and their complete carelessness of the trouble they were facing. These travellers were actually forced to sit in the B-2 train compartment. They were wearing masks or covering their noses with handkerchiefs because of the unbearable smell. 

They called the railway authorities utterly careless, as they failed to maintain the coaches. Some of the passengers also posted about their condition on social media platforms, but no help was extended by the railway authorities. 

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Uproar For Hours

Credits: Canva

The troubled passengers in Hatia-Islampur Express were completely disappointed about the way the railway authorities were unable to handle the situation. 

As the train was approaching Bokaro railway station in Jharkhand, the passengers actually hurried to the station master’s room. They wanted to voice their complaints to the station master as soon as the train halted at Bokaro station.

The fact that the room was locked, meanwhile, just made the passengers angrier. They pulled the chain to stop the train when it started moving once more. Travellers in the general cabin were equally troubled as the people in the AC compartment. They urged that the issue be resolved.

The train halted at the station until late at night as passengers created an uproar about the situation. (as per Jagran)

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