Spanning 256 Km In A Straight Line, Saudi Arabia’s Highway 10 Is The World’s Longest Straight Road

The Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia is the World's longest straight road without any bends! Here's all about it.

by Shreya Rathod
Spanning 256 Km In A Straight Line, Saudi Arabia’s Highway 10 Is The World’s Longest Straight Road

Saudi Arabia is known for its outstanding road quality. In fact, in the 2023 World Economic Forum report, the Kingdom secured the fourth spot on the Road Quality Index. Further, Saudi Arabia has also bagged the title of the World’s longest straight road, Highway 10.

Saudi Arabia’s Highway 10 Is World’s Longest Straight Road

saudi arabia highway 10
Credits: Canva (Rep Img)

It is common knowledge that Australia’s Eyre Highway was the former longest straight road without a bend measuring 146 kilometres. However, Saudi Arabia’s Highway 10, which measures 256 kilometres, has surpassed it and is now the World’s longest straight road without a bend! This road was initially built for King Fahd as a private route. It connects the city of Haradh, well-known for oil and gas deposits, and is closest to the UAE border.

In addition to this, this asphalt road runs through Rub Al-Khali desert AKA Empty Quarter, the World’s biggest sand desert. The stretch does not have any bends whatsoever and this accomplishment represents a critical turning point in the development of transportation infrastructure. Further, passengers are offered an unobstructed ride over a great distance with an expected driving time of two hours.

The Kingdom Has Highest RQI Among G20 Countries

saudi arabia highway 10
Credits: Canva (Rep Img)

Though the road has no bends, you should be careful while driving as risks associated with driving in the desert and you can encounter camels or other animals. As for the road quality, the Kingdom now has the highest RQI among its G20 countries, having increased by more than 10% to 5.7. 

This improvement is consistent with the efforts made to improve road quality, and to increase operational effectiveness. And to maintain Saudi Arabia’s position as the world leader in road network connection. Additionally, it fulfils the challenging goals of the National Transport and Logistics Services Strategy.

Also, the nation has launched 20 road projects in the Makkah region, which is a major development initiative. Valuing SAR 1.4 billion, these 385 km of improvements are intended to improve connectivity and make travel within the area easier. 

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Further, the initiatives highlight the government’s dedication to enhancing transport infrastructure and meeting the requirements of pilgrims travelling to and from the holy city.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Rep Img)

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