I Checked In A Five Star Hotel During The Pandemic And Here’s What It Was Like!

by Tania Tarafdar
I Checked In A Five Star Hotel During The Pandemic And Here’s What It Was Like!

Having been stuck inside the four walls of my bedroom for almost six months now, there is nothing more I long than a change of scene. Yes, this is the new normal and yes, stepping out would be calling for the virus, but I still checked into a five-star hotel during the pandemic. You must be thinking how foolish I am to take that kind of risk. The fact is, I just had to! I wanted a new sight from the window. I wanted to sleep on a different bed. I wanted to just do nothing for a day after months of juggling between domestic chores and working from home. Moreover, it was my birthday weekend, and so, I had more reasons to pamper myself. Therefore, on a Saturday morning, I drove to Marine Drive, Mumbai (about an hour from our house) with my husband and checked in to a sea-facing room in The Oberoi, Mumbai.

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The Charm Of A Luxury Staycation After Months Of Lockdown

So, why a five-star hotel you ask? As much as I longed for a change, I knew that I had to be at a place which promised 100% security and ensured all the safety and hygiene protocols were in place. Plus, I wanted to wake up to the view of the sea for the longest time now, and The Oberoi located right across Marine Drive was my obvious choice. And, yes, I will not lie, but I am a sucker for luxury staycations. Here’s How You Can Have The Ultimate Staycation At Home!

The Trusted Hotel Staff Ensuring Hygiene And Safety

Getting into the car for that one-hour-long drive was like a breath of fresh air. I am sure a lot of you must have had many such movements during the pandemic, but it was my first. The bird was finally out of her cage. As we reached the hotel, our car was sanitised entirely and only then taken for valet parking. I was impressed to see every staff with the necessary protective gears like the mask, the gloves, and a face shield. There was a temperature check at the gate, post which we were directed to the lobby for the room keys. We had an advanced booking done, so our time spent at the reception was short. The manager informed us that every staff in the hotel have been lodging in the hotel itself, for six months now. Hence, we did not have to worry about them carrying the virus from outside. As an additional measure, every surface was regularly being sanitised, and there were hand sanitisers stationed at every three-foot distance. As an added advantage, the hotel had only 10% occupancy, so we had the entire space to ourselves. Here are 8 Tips For Parents Travelling With Kid Amid The Pandemic.

The Enchantment Of A Sea-Facing Room

The suite we booked took a room with a view to the next level. I was over the moon. I wanted a change of scene, but I did not expect it to be this good. The vast expanse of the sea before my eyes, the shores of which beautifully lit up in the evening. Mumbai’s Queen Necklace defines beauty in every true sense. The cherry on the topping was the bathtub with the view of the shoreline. Yes, I know what you are thinking. That’s precisely how we spent our evening – music, wine, jacuzzi and the spectacular view – could the stay be more perfect? How I wish I could hold back time. Here are 5 Places For A Perfect Stay In Mumbai.

The Opportunity Of Being Outdoors

Most of the other hotel amenities like the pool, the spa and the gym were closed for visitors. However, I still took a stroll in the garden area, which overlooked the shoreline too. If you are following me on social media, you would know that I am a yogini, and this outing allowed me to practice yoga outdoors after months. It was indeed a surreal experience. Elgin Hall In Himachal Is Inviting You To Work Amidst The Serene Hills Of Dalhousie.


The Grand Dining Experience

Out of the many eateries and dining spaces at the hotel, only one of them was open for the guests. Fenix is a multicuisine restaurant, and the food is to die for! I relished every bite of the Prawn Tempura that I ordered for lunch. For dinner, we resorted to Indian with Kathi Rolls and Biryani. Sure, we were making a hole in our pockets, but a gourmet meal is a gourmet meal. And hey, let me fill you up with the safety protocols in place at the restaurant. Our table and hands were sanitised, and we were given an envelope to keep our masks and phones. The staff brought the food covered with a glass lid to the table, and there was a dedicated staff for every table. And oh, do I even need to mention how hospitable the staff were? The chef took a special interest in getting to know our food preferences before serving the order. There were complimentary desserts too! And what about booze? We were aware that hotels are not serving alcohol, so we had carried our poisons. Here are 5 Places In Mumbai That Serve The Most Delicious Sushi.

Would I do it again? Yes! Now that I know checking in a five-star hotel for a staycation is safer than eating out or visiting a park or going for that little getaway, I am already looking forward to my next staycation. This time, maybe I would stay somewhere in the hills. What about you? Do let me know in the comments.