This 63-Year-Old Mess In Bangalore Serves Unlimited Banana Leaf Thalis For ₹100

by Sanjana Shenoy
This 63-Year-Old Mess In Bangalore Serves Unlimited Banana Leaf Thalis For ₹100

Perched in a narrow bylane of bustling Malleshwaram, the 63-year-old iconic Iyer Mess has stood the test of time. Welcoming customers who’ve been visiting the eatery for 40 years for its nourishing meals served on banana leaves, home is a feeling. Home for Bangaloreans is Iyer Mess. You haven’t explored the depth of Bangalore’s food culture if you haven’t savoured the unlimited Tamil-Brahmin thali at Iyer Mess for just ₹100.

Serving Homely Iyer Cuisine In Bangalore Since 1959

Iyer’s Mess, a mecca for Tamil-Brahmin or authentic Iyer cuisine in Bangalore was established by P.V. Mahadeva Iyer in 1959.  Nestled off Malleshwaram‘s famous 8th Cross market, Iyer Mess sits in a small room of a house. If you have trouble finding the place, just ask the locals, they’d be happy to guide you. What started as an eatery serving authentic Tamil cuisine for a pocket-friendly price, is today just the same as it was before. This epicurean institution stands tall in the same place, serving the same food, cooked by the same family with love, care and precision. Today, Iyer’s Mess is run by P.V. Mahadeva Iyer’s son, Venkatesha Iyer and his wife, Kamala Iyer.

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Nestled In A Small Room Of House In Malleshwaram

As you walk into the street, you’d find a striking red board directing you to Iyer’s Mess. Step into the narrow corridor and newspaper clippings of the eatery, some of which go back to 1997, will pique your interest. A humble space with rows of lengthy steel tables and plastic chairs makes up the space. A no-nonsense decor where the food is the only highlight is what you must expect. Banana leaves are neatly arranged on the tables. Take your seat. Clean your banana leaf with water and get ready for a community-based dining experience. Once all seats are occupied, you’ll be served each dish, one by one, in awe-inspiring synchronicity, just like at a temple.

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Savour Unlimited Homely Banana Leaf Meals For Just ₹100

Iyer Mess specialises in Tamilian-Brahmin cuisine with influences from Kerala as well. The menu here changes every day, especially the sambhar. The Sunday special menu includes payasam ( Kheer), Mor Kazhambu ( yoghurt curry) and mixed rice. The unlimited vegetarian meal costing ₹100 includes a serving of pickle, a sprinkle of salt, a portion of rice, fresh ghee, rasam, sambhar, palya (sabzi), roti, crispy vada, papad, homemade curd and a sweet. Prepared on a coal stove, the dishes have a distinct earthy taste. Tuck into the hot rasam rice, and devour scoop fulls with your hands. Iyer Mess’ homely meals with a sprinkle of nostalgia will keep you wanting for more.

iyer mess bangalore

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Community-Dining Experience With Old World-Charm

The iconic eatery serves over 200 people every day for lunch and 50 hungry diners for dinner. We suggest you visit Iyer Mess for their special Sunday meal. Don’t be surprised if you may need to wait a while, as it’s always crowded. Nevertheless, this wholesome dining experience at the 63-year-old humble eatery is something you mustn’t miss for the world. It’s all about the homely food, community feeling and respect for an establishment that continues to maintain stellar quality of food with an old-world charm. This is Bangalore’s food culture you need to be part of if you call yourself a foodie.


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