PM Modi Announced E-Passport For Indians To Get Through Immigration In A Minute

India to get e-passports soon
by Kritika Kukreja
by Kritika Kukreja 1077

To make India digital, PM Modi has announced that Indians will get an e-passport that will help you get through immigration in under a minute! The new e-passport will have a data storage chip in it instead of a scanning code at the end. The chip will be unique for every citizen as it’s going to have scanned fingerprints, iris, and personal information of the citizen. The scanning of the electronic chip will have to be done at airports as machines will be installed for the same. With the introduction of the e-passport, scanning at security will become easier and faster.

How Will It Help?

With the new e-passport, you won’t have to stand for 3 hours to get through the immigration. Since all your data will be encrypted in the data storage chip in the e-passport, the security will be able to scan through the important information in a matter of a few seconds. This move will also help the immigration detect fake passports faster and travel will become much safer.

India to get e-passports soon

India to get e-passports soon

When Will We Get E-Passports?

The project for manufacturing of e-passports was first undertaken in 2008, when then President Pratibha Patil’s passport was the only e-passport of the country. Ever since, the government planned to roll out e-passports for diplomats and then proceed with rest of the public. The manufacturing of e-passports for diplomats began but there’s no specific time frame to when they will roll out e-passports for the public.


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