In A Bid To Attract More Tourists, Bhutan Plans To Reduce Costly Airfare, Decrease SDF & More

by Shreya Ghosh
In A Bid To Attract More Tourists, Bhutan Plans To Reduce Costly Airfare, Decrease SDF & More

Bhutan is a magnificent international travel destination for Indians and it is quite close to India as well. Home to untouched natural beauty and wonderful travel experiences, this neighbouring country is taking some significant steps to bolster tourism. The plans are mostly focused on reducing travel costs, making it a lot easier for travel enthusiasts to afford a grand trip to this beautiful destination.

Bhutan Has Some Amazing Plans To Lure In Visitors; Plans To Drop Air Ticket Prices

It looks like the airfare to fly to Bhutan is going to be lower in the future. Some plans about cutting off ticket prices have been declared recently, according to a report by The Times of India-India Times. This plan can help to attract more tourists from different places and overall see a surge in visitors, as shared by Namgay Tshering, the Finance Minister. One of the reasons that often hamper globetrotters’ plans to fly to Bhutan is the overpriced flight tickets. The decision to slash the prices can motivate and influence travellers to finally take that long-pending trip to the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. Bhutan government has proposals to lower the flight ticket prices with Bhutan Airlines and Drukair Corporation.

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This is not the only solution to attract international visitors. There are more amazing ideas that are in line to provide a positive impact on the tourism sector.

Other Significant Incentives Of The Government To Boost Tourism

  • There is a long list of plans taken by the government this time. A major decision is to reduce the Sustainable Development Fee. From USD200 for one tourist for one night, it is soon going to be slashed to USD100.
  • Another important move is to start offering hotel and stay options at a cheap price. Also, there are plans to provide incentive programmes for longer stay options, as per the TOI report.

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These developments are to make travel plans to Bhutan a lot more convenient and witness a rise in tourist footfall. With an overall decrease in travel costs, this South Asian destination is going to be on more globetrotters’ travel bucket lists.

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