In A First, Roastery Coffee House Takes India’s Finest To Helsinki, Begins With A 3-Day Pop-Up!

From Hyderabad's vibrant streets to the enchanting coffee havens of Finland!

by Mallika Khurana
In A First, Roastery Coffee House Takes India’s Finest To Helsinki, Begins With A 3-Day Pop-Up!

In 2017, amidst the vibrant streets of Hyderabad, a beacon for coffee aficionados emerged: Roastery Coffee House. Its inception wasn’t just about brewing coffee; it was a testament to cultivating a coffee culture and uniting enthusiasts. Fast forward to the present, and this trailblazing brand is on the brink of a groundbreaking move to Finland. This expansion marks an unprecedented stride, making it India’s pioneer coffee house to venture into the European domain.

3-Day Pop-Up Enchants 300 Coffee Aficionados

Finnish folks are renowned for their unparalleled consumption of coffee per capita globally. They were introduced to Roastery Coffee House during a mesmerising 3-day coffee extravaganza in Helsinki. Nestled at ISO Roobertinkatu 30, this pop-up event became a stage for India’s crème de la crème coffee, notably the revered “Monsoon Malabar,” which swiftly became the darling of the crowd. The resounding applause from around 300 attendees echoed the potential of introducing India’s finest coffee to the discerning Finnish market.

What distinguishes Indian coffee estates is their unwavering commitment to eco-conscious practices. Unlike commercial coffee farming, India treads a path aligned with nature, nurturing coffee trees in lush forests to produce exquisite shade-grown Arabica beans. The Roastery Coffee House champions this cause.

This journey from seed to cup unfolds in Finland through a series of meticulously planned pop-ups leading up to the grand opening of the Roastery Coffee House Cafe in Helsinki. The brand’s ethos revolves around sustainability and zero waste. It offers an array of Indian coffee varieties sourced from esteemed estates like Thogarihunkal, Baarbara, and Tribo.

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Roastery Coffee House Brews Indian Coffee Magic In Finland

Nishant Sinha, the visionary founder of Roastery Coffee House, voiced his elation: “This isn’t just about coffee; it’s about an immersive experience, a voyage through flavours. What commenced as a humble endeavour to popularise speciality coffee in India has now set sail to carve an Indian legacy in Europe. Our choice to expand to Finland stems from a shared ardour for superior coffee between the two nations.”

But this endeavour transcends mere café culture; it’s an orchestrated blend of cultures. As the robust flavours of Indian Arabica entwine with the refined Finnish taste buds, patrons are invited to explore not just coffee but a curated selection of Indian artefacts and exquisite Kashmiri pashmina stoles on the brand’s official Finnish website.

The recent pop-up served as a testament to the brand’s allure, with brisk sales of 250 packets of freshly roasted beans and over 200 cups of speciality brews in just three days. What truly sets Roastery Coffee House apart is its dedication to the alchemy of brewing. They meticulously craft coffee using global techniques like the French press, aero-press, pour-over, syphon, and more. But their innovation doesn’t halt there. They infuse fresh ingredients like cardamom and cinnamon, creating a symphony of flavours that tantalise the senses.

From Hyderabad to Finland, Roastery Coffee House has become a cherished haven for coffee enthusiasts. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Roastery Coffee House Finland/Instagram

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