In Addition To Russia And UK, Goa Now Aims To Attract Tourists From The US And South Korea

by Shreya Shriyan
In Addition To Russia And UK, Goa Now Aims To Attract Tourists From The US And South Korea

Known for its serene beaches and party scenes, Goa has been a dream vacation spot for many. From Indians to foreigners. The majority of Goa’s tourist footfall has been from India, UK, and Russia. But now Goa wants to make sure that tourists from the US and South Korea also witness the magic of Goa.

Goa Aims To Attract Tourists From The US & South Korea

In Addition To Russia And UK, Goa Now Aims To Attract Tourists From The US And South Korea
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Goa is now looking forward to bringing in tourists from South Korea, the United Arab Emirates, America, and some other countries besides usual markets like Russia and the United Kingdom. This was in accordance with state minister Rohan Khaunte’s plans.

Chief Minister Pramod Sawant chaired the Goa Tourism Board meeting where the decision was finalised. The agenda of the meeting focused on finalizing emerging markets.

The aim is to project Goa as more than just a beach destination for tourists who are looking for something more. Goa has since decades been popular amongst people of all ages for its beautiful churches, beaches, and shacks. And of course, the cheap alcohol.

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Festivals like Chikal Khalo (mud festival), Sao Joao, and other festivals are set to be promoted so that tourists can enjoy the true culture and heritage of Goa. There is also an attempt underway to emphasize how new international destinations need to be connected through the recently commissioned Manohar International Airport at Mopa.

Goa Has More To Offer Than Its  Beaches

Tourism Boost
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The state minister and The CM are in talks to meet Union Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, to increase the flight connectivity to Mopa airport. This is to be done under the Open Skies policy. At present, India has unrestricted open-sky agreements with the US.

Additionally, it has limited open sky agreements with the UK, accompanied by certain restrictions. Furthermore, India maintains bilateral agreements with over 100 countries and a limited open-sky arrangement with ASEAN.

The Open Sky agreement roughly means that an agreement is formed between two countries to permit an unrestricted number of airlines to operate from either of the destination points. This is without any restriction on the number of destinations, the number of flights, the number of seats, the price and so on.

But this is just a layman’s definition. In actuality, there may obviously be some restrictions.

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