In Bid To Boost Tourism, Delhi Govt Will Collab With Influencers; To Also Revamp Coffee House

by Tooba Shaikh
In Bid To Boost Tourism, Delhi Govt Will Collab With Influencers; To Also Revamp Coffee House

The Delhi government is taking renewed efforts to boost tourism in the national capital region. A number of new programs will be undertaken to improve the tourist experience of the city. These include multiple collaborations with multiple institutions and people. Delhi is planning on collaborating with a number of influencers in order to market tourist spots. It is also planning on printing out new pamphlets highlighting tourist spots in the city.

Delhi Govt Takes Efforts To Boost Tourism

Delhi tourism
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The Delhi government is taking brand new efforts to improve tourism. According to a Hindustan Times article, a senior official revealed to PTI that the government is planning on undertaking several collaborations.

It will collaborate with influencers, in order to popularise and market its tourist spots. It is also planning on collaborating with cab aggregating companies in order to make travelling from one tourist spot to another more convenient.

Furthermore, it is also collaborating with the Department of Archaeology as well as the Department of Art and Culture, as multiple tourist locations in the city are under them. It is also revealed that the government website of Delhi tourism called “Dekho meri Dilli” has also been revamped and made more user-friendly.

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Government-Organised Heritage Walks & More

Delhi tourism
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According to what the official said, the government has also organised heritage walks for influencers which tour some of the most iconic landmarks in the city. The influencers then posted about the same on their social media which in turn helped spread the word around.

The government has also printed magazines and brochures about the tourist spots in the city which are placed at hotels, where tourists can easily access them. They are still in the process of printing out more brochures.

The brochures will also be placed inside the cabs of the company with which they will be aggregating. It will also be revamping a cafe called The Coffee Home which is operated by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Corporation or the DTTC. The cafe will get a digital screen so that the menu is visible to everyone.

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