“Incredible India!” US Ambassador Shares Stunning Pics Of The Kanyakumari Sunrise! Netizens React

by Shreya Rathod
“Incredible India!” US Ambassador Shares Stunning Pics Of The Kanyakumari Sunrise! Netizens React

Kanyakumari, often referred to as “The Land’s End”, is a beautiful place, popular tourist destination and pilgrim centre. Besides being dedicated to Goddess Kanniyakumari, this place is known for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset view and recently, the US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti shared its pics!

US Ambassador Shared Breathtaking Pics Of Kanyakumari Sunrise!

On October 2, US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti posted some breathtaking images from his recent trip to Kanyakumari, India’s southernmost point, on the social media platform X. His post stated that the breathtaking sunrise over Kanyakumari’s horizon truly captures the incredible diversity and beauty of India.

Further, he wrote that he witnessed the breathtaking sunrise at Kanyakumari, where the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal, and the Arabian Sea meet in a mesmerising symphony of colours. Additionally, he shared four images, one of which was a selfie. The great diversity and beauty of India are well captured here!

He continued that from the pristine valleys of Kashmir to the tranquil coasts of Kanyakumari, and from the busy streets of Mumbai to the cultural hub of Kolkata, India’s beauty is a tapestry of landscapes, cultures, and flavours.

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The place is also home to Thiruvalluvar Statue, a poet and philosopher. The statue on the rock symbolises prosperity and pleasure and conveys the idea that love and wealth should be acquired and enjoyed on the basis of strong moral principles. The statue resembles Nataraja in a dance position.

Netizens React To These Mesmerising Pics

Users of X were ecstatic to see the diplomat complimenting India. A user stated that India is incredible and every corner has a unique story to tell, and Kanyakumari’s sunrise is one of the most captivating chapters. Another user suggested that the envoy should also visit North East India and travel to places like Assam, Nagaland and more!

From Kashmir to Kanyakumari and from Bombay to Calcutta, you really had a wonderful tour of India in the shortest amount of time, said one user. Possibly a first for a US ambassador to India! Congratulations, Ambassador, he continued. Earlier, the envoy raved about a traditional Bengali lunch he had in July at Banga Bhawan in New Delhi.

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Prior to that, he and a few of his coworkers visited the Tamil Nadu Bhawan in Delhi and enjoyed some great South Indian cuisine.

Cover Image Courtesy: @USAmbIndia/ India