Independence Day Long Weekend: Here’s How To Use Credit Card To Plan Travel Better

by Sushmita Mahanta
Independence Day Long Weekend: Here’s How To Use Credit Card To Plan Travel Better

Long weekends always allow you to go on vacations to relax and unwind from the monotonous work life! And with the Independence Day Long Weekend around the corner, we are here to let you know how credit cards are a better option to plan your travel trips than cash. They allow you to make arrangements and earn huge rewards on flight bookings, train tickets, hotel bookings, fine dining, etc during your trips. A number of credit cards also allow you to make bookings and get tickets at lower costs. And that way you get to earn more while spending less during your travels. So here are a few tips on how credit cards can help you plan travel better. Read on!

Use Credit Cards In Place Of Cash

India is now thriving with its digital payments and you can easily make payments through credit cards even in the remotest parts of India. While travelling, they come in handier because you do not have to carry a huge amount of cash. And that saves you a lot of space. You also avail huge benefits if you have some of the best cashback cards. You can go for HDFC MoneyBack credit card, SBI SimplyClick credit card, ICICI Bank Platinum chip credit card, Kotak IndiGo Ka-Ching Credit Cards, etc among many others.

Utilise The Travel Credit Cards

Travel Credit Cards are of late the best way to plan your long weekend trips. IRCTC has some of the best travel discounts for SBI credit card users. The IRCTC SBI Platinum Credit Cards have benefits like railway lounge access, 350 bonus reward points, etc. The IRCTC SBI Card Premier will offer you with benefits like 1500 reward points, travel offers from IRCTC, insurance cover, etc. But we recommend you use the SBI IRCTC Platinum Credit Card to plan your travels. This travel card by the State Bank of India in partnership with the IRCTC offers a wide range of benefits.

Check For Hotel Partnerships

Just like travel companies, hotels too tie up with credit cards and you should totally utilize their offers. These will offer you handsome discounts as you book your stay. So the first step is to research and find out about the deals and tie-ups. Some credit card companies have partnerships with budget hotels as well. So look up those if you are planning for a pocket-friendly trip.

Enjoy Airport Lounge Facilities

The airport lounge facilities are a part of your travel memories and you should totally enjoy those! And if you have your Credit cards with you during your trip, you can mostly get access to airport lounges, usually at a nominal fee. From getting to try different food options to waiting in a luxurious setting, airport lounges are worth your experience. However, most credit companies allow access to just one person per card. So if you are travelling in groups, make sure you all carry your cards. And most importantly, do not forget to check if your cards have airport lounge access.

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