India Better Than US, Says Uday Kotak’s Son After Ruckus In Boston Airport

by Sanmita A
India Better Than US, Says Uday Kotak’s Son After Ruckus In Boston Airport

Don’t we crib too much when it comes to India? The road potholes, floods, politics, poverty and so much more. But, once in a while, we do come across those days when we are thankful to be in India. We are guessing, it was a similar occasion for Jay Kotak, Uday Kotak’s son who put up an appreciation update on his official Twitter account for the Mumbai airport.

Mumbai Airport Handles MORE Passengers Than Boston

The update reads, “Mumbai airport handles MORE passengers than Boston. Yet, there are few lines. All counters are staffed, the airport is new and clean. Flights are cheaper. India works.”

Jay Kotak takes to his official account to share a photograph of the Boston airport and also share his disappointment over long queues, fewer flights and the long waiting hours.

While expressing his annoyance with the Boston airport, he went ahead to praise the Mumbai airport for its operations. He said that there are fewer lines, all the counters are well-staffed, and the flights are cheaper. He said, ‘India works.’

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The USA – A Nation In Decay, Says Jay Kotak

Jay Kotak clearly compared both the countries and finally concluded as to how flying back to India felt like he was returning to a better place.

Well, we surely agree with Jay Kotak, after all, home is where the heart belongs.

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