India, Get Ready To Taste Luxury As Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila Makes Grand Debut, Promising A Fiesta Like Never Before!

The promise of new beginnings with 818 Tequila!

by Mallika Khurana
India, Get Ready To Taste Luxury As Kendall Jenner’s 818 Tequila Makes Grand Debut, Promising A Fiesta Like Never Before!

The beautiful Kendall Jenner is not just a supermodel we all know and love but also the owner of 818 Tequila. This isn’t your average tequila; it’s an elixir steeped in tradition, a liquid homage to Mexico’s rich heritage, distilled with care and reverence. And now, this spectacular spirit is on its way to India! This tequila is ready to enchant the senses and redefine luxury libations in India, starting with Delhi NCR.

Get Ready To Experience The Magic Of 818 Tequila In India

Photo Credits: Press Release

818 Tequila is making its grand entrance, distributed exclusively by the esteemed Berry Beverages and imported with finesse by both Berry Beverages and Zoup Beverages. It’s not just a tequila; it’s an experience, a journey through the heart of Mexico’s tequila-making traditions, now embraced by the bustling streets of India.

At the core of 818’s allure lies its remarkable craftsmanship, meticulously perfected in the sun-kissed lands of Amatitán, Mexico. Here, agaves are revered like gold, slow-cooked for over 30 hours. Crushed under the weight of traditional stone Tahona wheels, the agave reaches the next stage.

The essence of tradition intertwines with modernity as the agaves undergo a 48-hour fermentation process before dancing through alembic copper pot stills, emerging as liquid gold, distilled twice for purity, and aged in French and American oak barrels, bestowing upon it an unrivalled taste that tantalises the senses.

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Discover The Essence Of Mexico

818 in delhi
Photo Credits: Press Release

But 818 Tequila is more than just a libation; it’s a beacon of sustainability, a champion of the Earth. From its distillery powered by biomass and solar energy to its bottles crafted from recycled glass, every sip is a toast to Mother Nature herself. In a heartwarming collaboration with s.a.c.r.e.d., the brand extends its reach. They transform byproducts of tequila production into bricks of hope, building communities across Mexico.

The allure doesn’t end there. In the hands of skilled mixologists, 818 Tequila transforms into a symphony of flavours, whether savoured neat, over ice, or in tantalizing cocktails like the Pura Margarita, the Espresso Martini, or the reimagined Old Fashioned. And for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, there’s the Eight Reserve. It is certainly a masterpiece reserved for those with a taste for the extraordinary.

With jubilant anticipation, Kendall declares her excitement. Her voice echoes across continents, as she welcomes India to the 818 family, raising a glass to new beginnings.  With prices that reflect the value of craftsmanship and sustainability, 818 Tequila invites Delhiites to indulge in a taste of Mexico’s finest. From the crisp Blanco to the nuanced Reposado and the rich Añejo, each bottle certainly represents excellence and tradition.

Cheers to 818 Tequila!

Cost: starting at ₹7170

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