India Has A Village Of Millionaires Where Poverty Does Not Exist

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
India Has A Village Of Millionaires Where Poverty Does Not Exist

Everytime you picture a village, the next thing that comes to your mind after serenity is poverty. Even in movies you must have seen that a hero is generally poor if he is hailing from a village. But well that is not the case with all the villages in India. Let me introduce you to a village in India which is known as the village of millionaires, Hiware Bazar in Maharashtra. 


Hiware Bazar – Village Of Millionaires

Hiware Bazar is a beautiful village located in the Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra. Look back 30 years and you will find the village in the grips of drought and poverty. But the village did not leave it to fate instead decided to change their fate themselves. The credit of the success story of the village goes to the village head, Popatrao Baguji Pawar. About 60 people of this village are millionaires and all of them are farmers. Many residents of this town have benefited from sustainable development and locally based natural resource management. It used funds from government programmes, under the direction of a powerful village body, to regenerate its natural resources, including forests, watersheds, and soil. 

Pic Credits : the Logical Indian

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Hiware Bazar – A Model Village In India

The community is home to thriving shops, spotless streets, lush fields, and well-built homes outfitted with modern conveniences that are uncommon in Indian towns. Thanks to the residents’ deliberate efforts, it is one of India’s model villages. Deforestation, grazing, and the use of tube wells for irrigation are also outlawed in the community, along with open defecation, tobacco use, and alcohol drinking. With incomes that are about twice as high as those of most rural Indian communities, it has acquired a respectable quality of living. The village attained the title of ideal village by the Maharashtra Government and the credit goes to Pawar’s good governance and hard work with the participation of the villagers. 

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