India Has The Highest Bribery Rate In Asia; 50% People Pay Bribes As They’re Asked To

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 455

In a survey conducted by global civil society organisation  Transparency International, India emerged as the country with the highest bribery rate in Asia. According to the survey, India also has the most number of people who utilise personal connections to get public service work done. With a bribery rate of a whopping 39%, it’s the highest in Asia. And the highest rate of 46% of Indians who use personal connections for public service work, it’s truly a cause of concern. Read on to know more. 

Asia’s Highest Bribery Rate Is In India At 39% 

Global Corruption Barometer – Asia states in its report “India has the highest overall bribery rate (39%) and the highest rate of citizens using personal connections (46%).“Following India, Indonesia and China have the second and third highest rates of people using personal connections (36% and 32% respectively).” According to this survey around 50% of Indians who paid bribes, said they were asked for it. And 32% of Indians who used personal connections for public services said they can’t get work done without it. 

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Around 89% of the respondents in this survey said that government corruption continues to be a major problem in India. The survey titled Global Corruption Barometer – Asia analysed the corruption happening in 17 Asian countries. It found out that one in every 5 people claimed that they bribed officials in the last 1 year to utilise public services. 

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Nearly 46% Of Indians Use Personal Connections For Public Services

This survey reveals that India topped a list of countries for bribery. This includes Cambodia at 37%, Indonesia at 30% and South Korea at 10%.  Japan and the Maldives have considerably fewer bribery issues at just 2% for both countries. The survey covers personal connections for 6 main public services. This includes police, courts, public hospitals and procurement of documents and utilities. Well, this is indeed a cause of concern for India. As this is one list we never wish to top. But we do hope the government takes actions to tackle this issue. Meanwhile, our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani interviewed the CM of Meghalaya Conrad Sangma. 

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