India Among The Top 5 Dangerous Countries To Travel To

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India has fallen in the top 5 most dangerous countries of the world to travel to along with Mexico, Thailand, South Africa and Turkey. 

What Is It?

Which? Travel a magazine recently released a list of the safest and unsafest countries to travel to in the world. After accessing factors like health risks, population, pollution, crime and natural disasters, Which? Travel has come up with a list that could possibly predict the tourism scene of various countries over the coming years. UAE, Spain and Singapore have turned up on the top for the safe travel countries but the top safest country turned out to be Iceland.

The crime rates are extremely low in Iceland, with the average of 2 murders per year (which is remarkably less than other countries).

Which Are The Unsafe Countries?

India stood beside South Africa, Mexico, Thailand and Turkey in the list for the unsafest countries to travel to. Estimating the crime, health disasters, and other factors these countries scored the lowest on the safe index by the magazine.

Kritika Kukreja
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