India Is The 2nd Deadliest Country For Tourists Says A Study, Here Are The Top 10 On The List!

by Shreya Ghosh
India Is The 2nd Deadliest Country For Tourists Says A Study, Here Are The Top 10 On The List!

Asia is home to so many beautiful countries that are explored by millions of tourists every year. Even after boasting such a massive tourist footfall, many of these countries are ranked as the deadliest countries when it comes to safety concerns. Unfortunately, India is also on that list too. Keep on reading for some eye-opening facts on the world’s dangerous countries.

The Travel Safety Index Of 2022 Is Here

The Swiftest is an insurance website and it has released a travel safety index of 50 most-travelled countries globally. Considering these 50 countries, the list focused on determining the safest and deadliest countries travelled in 2022. To determine the ranking of these countries, The Swiftiest focused on 7 factors and the results are rate per 100,000 residents.

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According to The Swiftest, these 7 factors are:

  • Homicide deaths
  • Road traffic deaths
  • Poisoning deaths
  • Death from poor hygiene conditions
  • Life years lost because of communicable disease
  • Life years lost because of injury
  • Natural disaster risk

The Top 10 Deadliest Countries For Tourists On The List:

1. South Africa

South Africa is the deadliest country with the most homicide death rate, second-highest poor hygiene death rate, third-highest poisoning death rate, and the most years lost due to communicable diseases and injury. Among all the seven factors used in this research, this country got an “F” in 6 of these.

2. India

India is the highest on this list of travel index 2022 with deaths from poor hygiene conditions. This country is also in second place with the most number of years lost because of communicable diseases.  In the risk of natural disasters, India holds the second rank.

3. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has the highest rate of road traffic deaths which is about one road death every two hours, according to a report by The Swiftest. These deaths are a huge part of the total number of deaths in this country. Also, it is in the fourth-highest number of life years lost due to injury.

4. Mexico

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Mexico has the second-highest homicide death rate which is 29.1 homicides per 100,000. Also, this country has the fourth-most risk of natural disasters. When it comes to the highest number of life years lost to injury, it is in the 6th spot.

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5. Brazil


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Brazil is on this list with the third-highest homicide death rate which is 27.4 homicides per 100,000. With this, Brazil also has the third-most life years lost to injury. This country is on the list of the deadliest countries with the highest number of years lost from communicable diseases. 

6. Cambodia

With the third-highest number of years lost due to communicable diseases and fourth-most death rates of poor hygiene, Cambodia is in the 6th rank on the index of deadliest countries.

7. Philippines


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Among all these deadliest countries, the Philippines has the highest risk of natural disasters. According to the World Risk Index, it is extremely risky with respect to natural disasters and has a score ranking of 46.8. 

8. Saudi Arabia

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With the second-most road traffic death rate and second-most life years lost to injury, Saudi Arabia is the 8th deadliest country. The Swiftest also states that most deaths due to injury are found in young males.

9. Vietnam

Vietnam Travel

Vietnam has the fourth-highest rate of road traffic death. Sitting on the 9th rank of the deadliest countries, Vietnam has the sixth-highest poisoning death rate and the sixth-highest natural disaster risk.

10. Indonesia

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With the third-highest natural disaster risk and third-highest death rate due to poor hygiene, Indonesia is in the 10th spot of the deadliest countries.

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Out of the 25 deadliest countries, 12 countries are from Asia. These countries are India, Cambodia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Malaysia, and United Arab Emirates. South Africa is at the top rank on this travel index of the deadliest countries with India in the second rank. Among the safest 25 countries South Korea, Japan, Israel, and Singapore are included, Singapore being the safest one.

Among the top 10 countries with the most road traffic deaths, 7 are from Asia itself. These countries are Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Iran, Cambodia, and China.

Which of these countries have you been to? What is your opinion on this Travel Index 2022 released by The Swiftest? 

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay