India & Pak Have Agreed To Allow 5,000 Pilgrims Every Day In Kartarpur Without Visa

by Mrunal Mahajan
India & Pak Have Agreed To Allow 5,000 Pilgrims Every Day In Kartarpur Without Visa

This historic decision was agreed upon by Indian and Pakistan to allow pilgrims to travel to Kartarpur which is in Pakistan without the requirement of a visa. 5,000 pilgrims can visit Kartarpur daily without a visa, pay their tributes and can stay there for seven days.

The two countries have agreed to build a bridge for devotees who want to visit Kartarpur. The criteria for this would be to have an Indian passport and a card that hold overseas citizenship of India (OCI). Sikh devotees will be free to visit their worship place in Kartarpur which is their famous Gurudwara.

Image Credits: Dawn

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India had presented their concerns about the neighboring areas being flooded as there were roads build by nations that share their border with Indian. For a hassle-free journey and out of concern for the pilgrims the decision of a bridge was agreed upon by the two nations.

In the meeting that was held between New Delhi officials and Islamabad officials, the concern for growing Khalistan movement was also discussed. Coming to a conclusion, they agreed that Gopal Singh Chawla, the Sikh leader would be barred from various Pakistani bodies as reported by Tripoto.

Image Credits: Hindustan Times

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In the light of these events, India has also offered to make arrangements for building the pending bridge over Ravi Creek in November marking the very important 550th birth anniversary Guru Nanak Ji.

Both the countries have come to a conclusion to start immediate work for the bridge in order to allow the Sikh pilgrims a smooth journey and that too all year along. The travelers all these years faced many issues and now without a visa, they have one less thing to be concerned about.