India Recorded 60 Heat-Related Deaths Since March 1; Severe Heat Claimed 10 Lives In Odisha On Thursday

As temperatures continue to soar, heat-related illness and deaths are also rising in India with 60 deaths reported by the National Centre for Disease Control.

by Tashika Tyagi
India Recorded 60 Heat-Related Deaths Since March 1; Severe Heat Claimed 10 Lives In Odisha On Thursday

With record-breaking high temperatures and no respite in sight, there is a heatwave crisis in India right now. Heat-related illnesses like heat stroke have claimed several lives and even led to the hospitalisation of many. According to data released by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), about 60 heat-related deaths have been recorded since March in the country. On Thursday alone, Odisha saw 10 deaths due to heatwave in just six hours.

10 Suspected Dead In Odisha; Rajasthan Also Reports Several Deaths

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With a maximum temperature of 50°C these days, Rajasthan is burning up. The desert state has observed maximum temperatures almost five degrees above the season’s normal average. This has resulted in three confirmed deaths in Jaipur earlier this week. Furthermore, as per data released by the state’s health department, around 1,100 people were brought to different hospitals’ emergency units for heat stroke treatment earlier this week.

In Odisha, around 10 people have been suspected dead due to heat-related illness on Thursday. It has been reported that in a matter of six hours, the Rourkela Government Hospital in the state saw about 10 deaths. While the exact cause of death is still not certain, medical staff at the hospital suspect it was due to severe heatwave conditions in the state.

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Severe Heat Claimed 60 Lives In India Since March: NCDC

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According to data quoted by Livemint, the NCDC has recorded 60 heat-related deaths since March 1 in India. It further reveals that since March 1, there have been 16,344 suspected heat stroke cases. In fact, on May 22 alone, around 486 cases were reported across the country. However, experts believe that these numbers are much higher.

As per the India Meteorological Department’s latest forecast, heatwave conditions will prevail over North India for the next couple of days. While its intensity might vary, the heat waves will continue to be a cause of concern in states like Rajasthan, Haryana-Chandigarh-Delhi, Jharkhand, and parts of Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, and isolated pockets of Himachal Pradesh.

The weather conditions are quite extreme right now. We urge you to stay hydrated, eat on time, and stay indoors as much as possible to avoid direct exposure to heat.

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